“Since S3 Power Sports went into business in 2011 we have focused all of our time into building killer custom rigs for customs and continually coming out with new parts. With that being the case, my personal builds have always been pushed to the back burner and they are typically build with minimal time and thought just so I will have a nice rig for the events. With this build I finally had the opportunity to take a step back and design and build a rig that I have had in my mind for a few years now. This was my opportunity to build the rig I had always kept in my back pocket and never had the time to put together. Thats exactly what I did on Show Stopper and has some really unique designs that kind of that love it or hate it type thing for most people but I didn’t care about that. I built this one for myself with the thought of showing people what we are capable of doing at S3 Power Sports. This rig also has some serious sentimental value to me becauseIi completed the day my best friend and hero died…..my grandpa.”

Dustin Jones // S3 Power Sports



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