Track the 2017 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires LIVE on Race Day for Free
Follow The Mint 400 with Tracking, Live Leaderboard and SMS Text Updates!


The Mint 400 announced it will have FREE live tracking and a newly designed live leaderboard for race day of the 2017 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires. Continuous GPS & GLONASS satellite tracking will post positions & speed reports every 4 minutes on a licensed and monitored map platform with global access for family, friends & fans across the world. Also available is unlimited two-way satellite texting to support crews and social media updates with automatic cellular race updates. Receive race highlights of your favorite team or even that arch rival on your cell phone during the race! No more guessing or having to sit by a computer, every 8 minutes you will be notified of your team’s position and speed during the race. This option is available for $22.00 here.

Link to Free Tracking –>

Link to Free Leaderboard –>

We’ve made the free tracking as simple as possible:

1. Go to with pretty much any web browser (android, iphone, desktop)
2. Click the “Menu” button to get the list of classes
3. Pick your favorite 100 racers to see them on the map. The map will update every 4 minutes.
4. You can see their lap, nearest RM, and last speed.


Race management has access to 3 second position and speed monitoring on each race vehicle for compliance and course enforcement as well built-in accelerometer and magnetometer sensors for future autonomous accident detection. During the race, vehicles are monitored for any “Alert” buttons pressed and relayed through the Iridium Satellite Network to facilitate faster response times and better race management utilization.