We do a lot of amazing things at UTVUnderground.com, this year especially, but the highlight for me has been meeting and spending time with the crew from Warfighter Made. When Polaris gave us the go ahead to do something with Warfighter Made we jumped and we couldn’t be more proud or pleased to have had this opportunity.

Warfighter Made is a special organization founded by veterans for veterans. Their goal is to support injured and wounded war veterans by helping modify, build and adapt vehicles for these injured heroes. Another big part of their mission is to take these heroes places and provide them with Recreational Therapy. This year Polaris donated 2 RZR Xp1000 4 seaters so that the Warfighter Made Org can now take these heroes on excursions off-road.

What Polaris has done to support this organization is beyond what words can express. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to help this amazing group along their way!


Joey D.


Photos by: Ernesto Araiza // UTVUnderground.com


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