47th Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

Harvey Mushman would have had a blast at the 47th Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in Lake Elsinore, Ca. Harvey is gone, but the joy he had racing at this event goes on. Who is Harvey Mushman you ask? Those who have seen the original movie, “On Any Sunday,” know that Harvey Mushman was the alias the late actor Steve McQueen used when he raced his motorcycle. An avid rider, when McQueen wanted to escape his notoriety and just have fun, Harvey Mushman would show up. The Grand Prix has a Harvey Mushman race for the bikes, and heat races for quads, and UTV’s.


The UTV’s were split into two races. The first race consisted of Women’s open UTV, super stock 570-700, and Production 900. The second race would be open 1000 and production pro 1000. In production pro, Cody Bradbury grabbed the hole shot and built up a lead. Unknown to his competition he had a broken axle that also took out his brake line. Trying to limp the car around with three wheels driving, he held the field off until losing a belt on the final lap. He changed it quickly and still finished fifth. Winner Dustin Nelson in his new Yamaha YXZ got together with James Hill off the start spun out. Unfamiliar with the track, he slid off the track again dropping him to twelfth place.


“I decided to chill out and learn the track,” said Nelson, “I worked up to sixth; running with four other cars that were all battling for third place. I saw the leaders getting away, so I had to go. I took the white flag and noticed Bradbury was a little off the pace. I smelled blood in the water and chased him down; he broke a belt and pulled off. I’m stoked to get my first win in the YXZ. I’ve run three races, all on the same drivetrain with no failures. The transmission on my Yamaha gives me more control. It was very slippery, so I ran a higher gear in the corners to keep from sliding.” Nelson took the win and set fastest lap time. His was only one of the many battles going on during each lap. Below are the podium results for all classes.



Production Pro:
1. 94 Dustin Nelson
2. 911 J.D. Marsh
3. 917 John Pacheco

Production 900:
1. 727 Jake Shirey
2. 922 Jimmy Bradbury
3. 45 Craig Curtis

Super Stock 570-800:
1. 588 Tristan Boose
2. 686 Daniel Gonzales
3. 912 Hali Williams

Women’s Open:
1. 23 Sara Price
2. 931 Kayli Ryan
3. Christy McGuffin

Open 1000:
1. 799 Mike DeLey
2. 24 Brian Belden
3. 13 Jack Sacks

Words & Photos By: Mike Inglasbee


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