Last year when Polaris invited us all to Vegas and unveiled the new Pro XP platform we were pretty excited. At that media event, we all got to ride shotgun with some pro short course kids and feel how nimble and powerful those two-seat demons were. Then we got to run some of the most brutal trails in Nevada on the North Side of the 15 freeway and we bashed the shit out of those little cars. They did really really well. Did we like the smaller tires and shorter wheelbase? Nope. Did we feel that as compared to the Turbo S? Yep. But the engineers at Polaris put a LOT of effort into the updated redesign of the RZR and to their credit they absolutely nailed many of the things we had all been complaining about. The interior, the power, the cage, and the accessories like the Rockford Fosgate audio setup were all vastly improved. So we were pretty damn excited when the new Pro XP 4 showed up to our ranch. 

polaris xp pro utv underground 3
Credit: Polaris

Now – it’s been months since we took delivery on this unit and we have beaten the snot out of this poor car. It’s seen nearly 1200 miles of Mint 400 racecourse, UTV World Championship scouting, King of the Hammers shooting, you name it. So what have we learned and what are our takeaways? Well let’s start with the good… We love this car. Polaris handed us the Pro XP Premium edition in White Lightening and this little machine did not disappoint. First and foremost it’s comfortable. Everyone here at the shop is 6’ tall with broad shoulders so just sitting side by side is a challenge for us let alone 4 deep. The reengineered interior and extra length of the car really make it roomier. And that helped us a LOT on longer rides this year. The steering column is now telescoping and infinitely more adjustable and that is a big help too. We’re not super stoked on the 6-point harness the way it attaches over the top of the thighs but the retractable belt is convenient. The seats are more comfortable than RZR’s past as well. We also liked the removable rear seats. We spent thousands of dollars to make a custom setup like this for our Turbo S 4’s. One negative – the roof, or lack thereof. In our opinion, the roof should be standard. Build it into the cage, like the Turbo S. Period. End of story. Done. Otherwise we are cooking… Not good. 
Power, suspension, handling? All great. All what you would expect from a RZR and the increase in power really makes the Pro XP more fun to drive in the dunes than the slower stock RZR 4’s. Did we miss the 32” tires and Dynamix suspension from our Turbo S 4? Yes. We did. For $28K we should be getting that since it’s included in the $30K Turbo S. We get what the tradeoff is but it’s a little confusing for us West Coast desert guys. We miss the 72” width and extra 2” of clearance as we were scraping our belly occasionally out here on rides. But that’s a regional tweak and there are long travel kits emerging for the Pro XP already, (Holz and HCR to name a few). To be fair to the Turbo S we would love to widen the Pro XP to 70”+ and throw 32” tires on her and THEN do a proper comparison. But that starts to go down a rabbit hole and many of you are just looking for a reliable stock cruiser that works on trails. We get it.

Now Polaris is rumored to be working on yet another new platform for RZR so it could very well bet that the stock RZR and even Turbo S days are numbered. They tend to drop stuff in July or September so we’ll have to see what happens this year. But man you should be able to get a SCREAMING deal on a Pro XP right now. If we remember correctly they will even deliver. As always our dealer of choice locally is our friends Coyne Powersports ( If you do end up going there tell them the guys at UTVUnderground sent you. They are an awesome low-pressure dealership with actual knowledge of the products they sell.

There’s no one perfect UTV for all scenarios. The fact is if you are driving a 4-seat you’re moving friends or family or tons of gear. The Pro XP line has a LOT of power and is very very comfortable for $26K – $32K. Our advice would be to go all-in on the accessories and come away with a Pro XP Ultimate with the Rockford sound system and roof and you might not need another machine for years. Otherwise – take a look at the base model and aftermarket. There are some very interesting options out there. Either way, stay safe out there, pick up your trash, and help each other out. See you guys soon!


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