Polaris RZR is stoked to announce that all 2023 RZR Pro R Ultimate models will be factory-installed with RIDE COMMAND+. With this announcement, the RZR Pro R Ultimate becomes the first RZR to come standard with RIDE COMMAND+ and its advanced vehicle connected services.

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All 2023 RZR Pro R Premium models and 2023 RZR 200 models are still compatible with the RIDE COMMAND+ Connected Vehicle Plug-In as an accessory.

With RIDE COMMAND+, advanced vehicle-to-cellular connectivity provides riders with convenient mobile access to key vehicle information. From the Polaris mobile app, or website, owners have access to key features, including Vehicle Locator, Vehicle Health, and Issue Diagnostics. New over-the-air updates (coming soon) will provide owners access to additional features including, Ride Tracking+, Group Ride+, and Post Ride Alert.

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Standard Features:

  • Vehicle Locator 
    • Remotely monitor where your vehicle is at any time, to keep your investment safe even when you’re away from your ride.
    • On RZR 200 machines, parents can monitor where their child’s vehicle is at any time to ensure it’s right where they left it after each ride.
  • Vehicle Health
    • Check the health of your ride from anywhere. Remotely monitor fuel level, oil change status, and more for a confident start and finish to the day.
    • For parents of youth riders, monitor your child’s vehicle from your phone, and stay in the know on the vehicle’s fuel level, oil change status and more, so you can be more confident that your child has a strong start and finish to the day.
  • Issue Diagnostics
    • Receive real-time notifications of vehicle diagnostics to stay proactive in your upkeep, ensuring your machine is always ready to ride.
    • For parents of youth riders, receive real-time notifications of your child’s vehicle diagnostics to make sure their machine is functioning properly and that there are no issues before they hit the trails.

Additional Features (coming soon):

  • Ride Tracking+ 
    • Automatically track your ride as soon as you key on your vehicle with Ride Tracking+.
  • Group Ride+
    • Stay together with other riders you’re riding with even when they’re out of sight – Group Ride+ shows everyone on the map.
  • Post Ride Alert
    • Receive a full report of your ride including time logged, miles traveled, waypoints stopped at, and elevation details.
  • Location Alerts
    • Sends you a notification if your vehicle has been bumped or moved from its last location and lets you track it.


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