Remember the old “do it in the dirt” mantra? The pros at One Pass certainly do! And they have the perfect solution for cleaning up after a day in the dirt, or finding out how deep that mud bog really is! After making big news with the original 12” Waterblade, their new 9” Mini Gelblade is perfect for all those tight spots around the shop and for Side-by-Sides.

“We have been making short work of big jobs since 1996,” says Don Varner, who created the One Pass silicone gel blades. “At 9 inches, this is literally making short work out of big jobs around the shop… it is also better for use on ATVs and side-by-sides. A lot of my friends were telling me the 12” blade was too long for the nooks and crannies on their RZRs, so this is the solution.”

Designed to displace water from the surfaces of Varner’s award-winning hot rods, One Pass Gelblades are faster and more sanitary than towels, or chamois. The patented Y-Blade edge conforms to most surface shapes and removes more than 90% of fluid quickly in “one pass” — leaving a clean, dry surface on virtually any vehicle. Additionally, the flexible silicone blade conforms to curved surfaces on fenders, doors and body panels.

However, the One Pass Mini is more than a one-hit wonder! It works equally well around the shop floor, or in your toy hauler. Since silicone does not support bacterial or microbial growth, it’s suitable for wet locations like wash bays and restrooms. Where other materials tend to harbor growth, silicone remains mildew free. Silicone is also safe for nearly all cleaning products and can withstand temperature extremes from -80 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Most flexible & versatile Waterblade ever
  • Conforms to nearly any shape and curve
  • Food Grade Antimicrobial Silicone Blade
  • Safe for nearly any surface wet or dry
  • Temperature resistant -80 to +400 degrees F.
  • Great for damp areas, resists mold growth
  • MSRP is just $14.95

More details on One Pass can be found here: 


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