Code St. Peter bested a field of passionate young racers in Saturday morning’s Parker 400 Youth 170 and 250 race, the kickoff event to the final day of racing at the opening event of the 2024 UNLTD Off-Road Racing Series season. Running in the Youth 250 class, St. Peter took over the top spot from Wyatt Cotter on Lap 5 and eventually completed nine laps of the youth course in 25:28.467, making him the only racer in any class to finish a ninth lap.

parker400 2024 Youth 170 cm 10
Parker 400 “Youth 170 Race” 2024

Behind him, the Youth 170 racers dominated the rest of the standings, as six Open racers and two Production racers completed eight laps each. In the 170 Production class, Cash Martinez led Ryder Wilson all race long to take the checkered flag by nearly 40 seconds. Martinez ran as high as fourth overall in the early stages of the race.

parker400 2024 Youth 170 cm 47
Parker 400 “Youth 170 Race” 2024

The battle for the 170 Open win came down to Nixon Nagel and Jameson Mandle, who worked his way up from eighth overall to shadow Nagel for most of the race. At the checkered flag, the two were separated by 33 seconds, with Gray Lantz just a further 15 seconds behind Mandle after holding off Brixton Wirt for the final class podium spot. Nagel, Mandle, and Lantz were also on the 170 podium at October’s California 300, albeit with Mandle winning that race by a lap over Lantz and Nagel.

parker400 2024 Youth 170 cm 4
Parker 400 “Youth 170 Race” 2024

Youth 250 results from the 2024 Parker 400 were as follows:

  1. #Y263 Code St. Peter, 9 laps/25:28.467
  2. #Y212 Wyatt Cotter, 7 laps
  3. #Y247 Maggie Flores, 7 laps
parker400 2024 Youth 170 cm 14
Parker 400 “Youth 170 Race” 2024

Youth 170 Open results from the 2024 Parker 400 were as follows:

  1. #O099 Nixon Nagel, 8 laps/25:34.631
  2. #O052 Jameson Mandle, 8 laps/26:07.191
  3. #O077 Gray Lantz, 8 laps/26:22.787

Youth 170 Production results from the 2024 Parker 400 were as follows:

  1. #Y021 Cash Martinez, 8 laps/27:45.151
  2. #Y053 Ryder Wilson, 8 laps/28:23.811
parker400 2024 Youth 170 cm 3
Parker 400 “Youth 170 Race” 2024

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About UNLTD Off-Road Racing

The Unlimited Off-Road Racing league was formed by The Martelli Brothers in 2023 after more than a decade of successful desert off-road race promotion, including The Mint 400, The UTV World Championship and The California 300. The league was formed to promote the sport of desert off-road racing, the off-road industry, and to expand the reach of off-road companies beyond the industry and into the homes of every off-road race fan, globally. Key attributes of the newly formed league include large racer car counts, competitive and challenging race courses, safe and family-friendly spectating areas, multiple days of racing and off-road festivities all located near major cities and markets that positively affect the off-road industry. The Martelli Brothers, owners of the motorsports powerhouse production group Mad Media have made it their mission to grow the league into a four race series that showcases the best off-road racers on the best courses in North America.

About The Parker 400 (

The Parker 400 is a celebrated titan in off-road racing, known for its demanding Arizona landscape and storied tradition. Hosting over 40,000 fans and more than 300 competing teams from around the globe each January, it’s a highlight of the off-road racing calendar. This historic event, which is part of the Unlimited Off-Road Racing schedule, begins with a captivating vehicle showcase in downtown Parker, setting the stage for two days of high-octane racing over a challenging 400-mile course. The Parker 400 is more than a race; it’s a festival that embodies the off-road spirit, featuring live entertainment and fan activities. With live streaming that reaches over half a million viewers worldwide, the event offers an unparalleled spectacle of endurance and skill, cementing its status as a must-attend event for off-road aficionados. Under the guidance of the Martelli Brothers, the Parker 400 continues to honor the legacy of off-road racing, celebrating the rugged beauty of the Arizona desert and the tenacity of racers who tackle its terrain.


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