Whether you’re trying to be first on race day, or just want a boost of power to have fun and impress your friends, Dynojet’s Power Vision 3 EFI flash tuner allows you to get the most from your UTV.

Dynojet’s decades of research, development, and testing are evident within the Power Vision 3. The EFI flash tuner works for Polaris, Can-Am, Honda and Yamaha UTVs. 

Some riders have even seen rear-wheel horsepower gains of up to 10% just from a flash — showing that the Power Vision 3 is the most complete ECU EFI flash tuner you can find.

Pure Performance

When we tested the Power Vision 3, it felt like we were taking the training wheels off our UTV. 

The tuner delivers a significant boost of performance through careful alteration of the ECU’s programming. You can expect a more connected, responsive throttle that reacts instantly without annoying lag. It also enables you to change throttle movement profiles to eliminate torque-limiting features that come with the stock model, as well as raise the UTV’s rev and speed limiters. Power Vision 3 also lowers fan engagement and raises limp home mode, putting you in control of your UTV’s performance.

Dynojet has developed an EFI flash tuner that is the perfect fit for performance-minded professional racers, as well as the enthusiasts who just love taking their UTV out for a weekend in the dunes, or wherever adventure takes you. 

Simply tuning your UTV with the Power Vision 3 — taking advantage of Dynojet’s incredible library of pre-loaded tunes — can result in horsepower gains, as well as a smoother and more efficient ride. 

Power Vision 3 updates tables directly within your vehicle’s ECU to optimize the air/fuel ratio for a variety of situations, giving you a major advantage compared to someone driving a stock model. Even if you just want better fuel efficiency and throttle response when you’re out for a day of fun, Power Vision 3 is the best way to achieve that.

Want to go deeper? Custom tuning and datalog analysis are just a few clicks away with Dynojet’s Power Core software. Engineered for those who crave more than stock, the combination of Power Vision 3 and Power Core is a robust solution for racers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. 

Easy To Use

You don’t have to be a gearhead or work in a garage to use Power Vision 3, which sets it apart from other EFI flash tuners on the market.

Power Vision 3’s no-nonsense display makes it easy to find the tune you need for your UTV, save the ones you want to keep and switch it up when the time comes. It only takes about 5 minutes to flash your UTV, making it the perfect accessory for those who share a vehicle or use it in varied terrain throughout the year. 

Right out of the box, the Power Vision 3 is ready to go. It connects easily through a single cable, direct to the diagnostic port, and comes pre-loaded with tunes. 

You can also download the latest tunes for your UTV, as well, just by visiting the Dynojet website. When you need to revert your UTV back to stock settings, you’re only a couple of steps away. If you are working with a custom tuner, it’s super easy to drag and drop new tunes directly to the Power Vision 3.

We also found that the Power Vision 3 is great as a diagnostic tool when you ride, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s vital metrics. Once you’re done, you can connect the Power Vision 3 to the Power Core software on your computer to graph performance.

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your UTV’s performance, Dynojet’s Power Vision 3 EFI flash tuner will give you the advantage you need.

Check out the video below for more info:



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