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Introducing the Havoc Infinity Goggle. The first fully customizable goggle that gives UTV riders complete freedom and a unique experience like never seen before. Forget about ever needing multiple sets of goggles or putting up with the wrong type of lens for the conditions. With leading in class 20mm foam for extra comfort and a wider field of view, the Havoc Infinity line is the clear choice for UTV enthusiasts.

Havoc Racing 1 25The entire Havoc Infinity line features this full customizable goggle experience allowing you to choose and easily swap out strap colors, lens colors, and frame colors. Pick from over 700 custom color combinations that give you complete freedom over style like never before. Also, with the magnetic lenses you can switch from a tinted lens to a clear lens in the matter of seconds.

The Infinity line is a definite game changer. Keep a clear lens in the glovebox or backpack so that when you are out on the trails and the sun goes down you can swap out the lens in a few seconds and keep riding. This convenient feature is really why so many UTV riders and racers are making the switch. The freedom to swap out lenses on the fly, plus the high quality foam for comfort and dust control sets the Havoc Infinity line apart from other riding goggles.

HAVOC 2020 7910

Whether you are ripping around for fun or a fully dedicated racer, the Havoc Infinity Goggle has you covered. The ability to custom create your own goggles plus the ultra quick lens change capability makes the Havoc Infinity Goggle the obvious choice.

Check out the entire Infinity line at Havoc.com

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Havoc Racing



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