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Changing the coolant that comes stock in your UTV really isn’t that difficult. Replacing this cheap, toxic coolant with Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant enhances the performance and longevity of your UTV.  In our Engine Ice product feature, Off-Road Champion Mike Cafro explained how important it is to not only frequently change the coolant in your UTV but to upgrade your stock coolant to Engine Ice high performance coolant to give you optimal performance and extend the life of your UTV.

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Now remember, maintenance is far less expensive than repairs. You can extend the life and performance of your UTV by changing your coolant at least once a season for optimum results.  For racing and high performance – twice a year is better.

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Regular maintenance will keep your coolant system from forming corrosion sludge, cavitation, scale ultimately causing failure or leaks in your cooling system. The cleaner you can keep your cooling system and the fresher you can keep a fluid, the better it will perform by removing heat from vital engine components and keeping your UTV performing at its maximum potential.

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