Owning these amazing machines the normal routine maintenance is to be expected like any vehicle. Yet, now and then you might encounter

Welcome to our new How-to video series from UTVUnderground where the pro’s show you how easy it is to do-it-yourself and fix your UTV. 

UTV’s are amazingly low maintenance machines, but every once in a while you will have a mechanical failure and axles are one of the most common. Designed to be easily replaced UTV axles are relatively easy to swap out provided you have the right tools. Rather than replacing our damaged axle with a stock Polaris RZR axle, we upgraded to a more robust GSP axle knowing how hard we are on equipment. With over 35 years of experience, GSP North America is a leading manufacturer of CV Axels including UTV’s.

Multi-time Baja 1000 winner and factory Polaris RZR racer Mike Cafro shows you how to replace your axle on your Polaris RZR. Watch as Mike breaks down the tools you will need as well as an easy to follow step by step guide on swapping out your Polaris RZR axle.

You’ll quickly realize it’s not as difficult as it may seem.


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