The latest variation of Kawasaki’s Teryx KRX® 1000 series is here and ready to take on the world’s most challenging trails. Once again, Kawasaki has added more features to its high-performance side x side making it more capable of taking on your world and creating your adventure with the new Teryx KRX® 1000 eS, the Teryx® S LE and Teryx4™ S LE. 


  • Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS)
  • FOX 2.5 Live Valve Internal Bypass Shocks
  • Large 7” High-Grade TFT Color Instrumentation
  • Sport Front Bumper
  • KQR™ Sport Roof
  • Special Color and Graphics 

NEW FOX 2.5 Live Valve Internal Bypass Suspension

New Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension takes the Teryx KRX® 1000 eS to the next level. High-performance FOX 2.5 Live Valve Internal Bypass shocks combined with a Bosch Electronic Control System (including Kawasaki’s first use of a 6-axis IMU on a side x side) are then optimized with Kawasaki suspension settings to deliver a comfortable ride and enhanced platform across a wider range of riding situations. Dashboard switches on the Teryx KRX 1000 eS allow drivers to select from three suspension modes (soft, normal, and firm) on-the-fly to suit different terrains and speeds. 

Setting the bar for next-level performance, the KECS system takes into account input from the Bosch Electronic Control System, the fuel injection ECU, and a steering angle sensor. The Semi-active Damping Control ECU then adjusts to the ground surface environment in real time to provide the ideal damping. The entire package has been fine-tuned by Kawasaki engineers to deliver optimum performance and ride comfort. Taking into account various factors such as speed, driver input, vehicle axis, and terrain, the benefits of KECS can only be found on the Teryx KRX 1000 eS side x side. 

Dashboard switches on the Teryx KRX 1000 eS allow drivers to select from three suspension modes (NORMAL, FIRM and SOFT) on the fly to suit different terrains and vehicle speed. 

NORMAL mode covers the greatest range of riding situations. This mode provides a plush feeling ride and firm damping (anti-bottoming), as well as enhanced handling. The roll angle is idealized, and line-holding performance is also improved. 

FIRM is designed for trail runs at higher speeds, the firmer settings providing increased performance and driver reassurance.

SOFT is ideal for technical sections completed at lower speeds. Compared to Normal mode, road-holding performance is improved and obstacles can be tackled comfortably. 

They Teryx KRX 1000 eS features FOX’s unique Internal Bypass damping architecture with position sensitive damping that changes depending on the operating zone of the suspension stroke to deliver a plus, predictable ride. When operating the new Teryx KRX 1000 eS in the “Ride Zone,” a system of bypass valves and bleed holes allows fluid to bypass the damping piston, freeing up the suspension for a high level of comfort. When the compressed suspension enters the “Bumb Zone,” fluid is forced through the piston’s compression valves, developing the firm damping required to resist bottoming. During shock extension, when the suspension enters the “Catch Zone,” fluid is forced to move through the piston’s rebound valves, again developing firmness to prevent harsh top-out.

FOX’s Live Valve technology complements the inherent performance and comfort achieved by the Internal Bypass design, using a semi-active valve to instantly adapt to any terrain by adjusting compression damping in real-time to maximize comfort, handling, and minimize bottoming-out.

Damping character is set according to the Suspension Mode selected. Then, taking into account input from the Bosch Electronic Control System, the FI ECU (vehicle speed, gear position, and throttle position), and a steering angle sensor, the SDC (semi-active damping control) ECU adjusts to the ground surface environment in real time to provide the ideal damping, delivering optimum suspension performance for a high level of ride comfort.

Double wishbone front suspension offers 19 inches of travel, while at the rear, 4-link trailing-arm suspension delivers 21 inches of travel. This rear suspension design also minimizes change to the toe-in over the suspension stroke, which helps with straight-line stability as well as contributing to improved handling during high-speed cornering. Steel suspension knuckles have been incorporated to contribute to the Teryx KRX 1000 eS side x side’s durability. In addition to off-road capability, the suspension’s ability to soak up bumps with minimal disturbance to the cabin contributes to ride comfort.

NEW Large 7” High-Grade TFT Color Instrumentation

A large seven-inch high-grade TFT color instrumentation has been added to a Kawasaki side x side for the first time to provide the driver with vehicle information needed, through a modern and highly visible display.

Positioned above the steering wheel, the sizeable all-digital instrumentation screen offers at-a-glance information to the driver at a glance. The display features white backlighting and has three selectable brightness levels. When linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth®, call and message notifications are displayed on the LCD screen and the time of day is automatically adjusted. Additionally, the display allows the driver to monitor suspension and review vehicle information such as engine temperature, while supporting for accessory audio and vehicle-mounted cameras.

The multi-function display includes the following features:

  • Bar-style tachometer (2 display options)
  • Digital speedometer
  • Bar-style fuel gauge 
  • Gear indicator (L, H, N, R)
  • Power Mode
  • Driving mode (2WD/4WD/4WD+Diff Lock) indicator
  • Economical Riding Indicator 
  • Clock 
  • Odometer
  • Dual trip meters
  • Hour meter
  • Water temperature
  • Digital battery gauge 
  • Bar-style CTV temperature
  • Seatbelt warning lamp
  • Oil warning lamp
  • Engine check lamp
  • Water temperature warning lamp
  • Neutral indicator lamp
  • Reverse indicator lamp
  • Parking indicator lamp
  • EPS warning lamp 
  • CVT belt warning lamp
  • Low voltage warning lamp
  • Battery warning lamp

The CVT temperature gauge and indicator lamp warns the driver of conditions that may shorten the CVT belt life. 


  • NEW Sport Front Bumper 
  • NEW KQR™ Sport Roof 
  • NEW Special Color and Graphics
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The Teryx KRX® 1000 eS features capable, tough and sleek styling that highlights its trail-conquering, off-road potential. Its long wheelbase, combined with high fenders designed to show off its massive shocks and long wheel travel, more than hints at its off-road capabilities. The new durable tubular steel sport front bumper adds vehicle protection and aggressive styling and comes finished in texture persimmon red powder coating to match other styling highlights of the Teryx KRX 1000 eS. 

Inspired by custom side x side builds, the Teryx KRX 1000 eS features a stealthy, aggressive color and graphic combination. Black with red and metallic accents added throughout the Teryx KRX 1000 eS exude a powerful presence. One look at the Teryx KRX 1000 eS is all you need to know that this side x side is definitely up for an adventure. 

Another new feature on the 2021 Teryx KRX1000 eS model is a KQR™ Sport Roof that comes fit as standard equipment in order to help shelter passengers from harsh weather and sun. Its lightweight design is made from semi-rigid black textured plastic and contributes to the vehicles styling. It can be conveniently removed or installed without the use of tools. It also features pre-configured mounts that allow the addition of up to six accessory LED dome lights. 

The Teryx KRX 1000 eS model’s imposing chassis and its visually massive components convey solid performance. The hood was made as low as possible to enhance the driver’s view of the trail ahead. The enormous front grill provides cooling air to the radiator, while adding to the tough, aggressive front end. The sporty intake contributes to radiator cooling, and acts as a heat sink when stopped.

Newly designed LED headlights include high and low beams, as well as line-type LED position lamps. Their wide position reinforces the aggressive image of the Teryx KRX 1000 eS model’s wide stable stance. The large wheel-gap created by the high fenders shows off the suspension components and their long travel, reminding the viewer of the superb off-road capabilities. The front fenders and the front of the doors were cleverly designed to be slimmer to offer the driver a clear view of the front tire – an advantage when navigating tricky rock crawling sections.

The wheels feature color matched bead-lock rings to draw attention to the large, aggressive tires. The angled design of the underbody emphasizes the high ground clearance. In addition to contributing to ride comfort, the tall design of the doors creates a sporty image by giving the ROPS a low-profile look. Intakes in the rear fenders direct fresh air into the engine compartment. Further emphasizing the ample rear wheel travel, the tall rear ride height provides an aggressive, forward-leaning stance while the LED taillights contribute to the stylish rear end.

The 2021 Teryx KRX® 1000 eS side x side is powered by a compact 999 cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel twin engine with a bore and stroke that is set at 92.0 mm x 75.1 mm, which delivers both high-rpm and robust low-end torque to accommodate a wide range of situations, from trail running to technical rock climbs. 

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Dual snorkel air intakes (one for the engine; one for the CVT) are recessed behind the driver and passenger doors and help reduce dust in the intakes. Pre-filters at the intake entrances help ensure minimal dust ingestion and are complimented with a Donaldson air filter located downstream in the engine intake to offer superb dust collection performance. 

A large, 20-liter intake chamber helps ensure undisturbed airflow into each of the two intake funnels, enabling a flat torque character to be achieved. The long, race-style intake funnels contribute to the robust low-end torque. The shape and length of the two funnels are different, which helps to achieve a smooth torque feeling. The carefully designed downdraft-style intake layout contributes to improved response, and overall engine height is minimized for a more compact engine. 

An electric throttle valve system enables the ECU to control both the fuel volume (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) delivered to the engine. Ideal fuel injection and throttle valve position result in smooth, natural engine response and the ideal engine output. Dual 50 mm throttle bodies help flow a large volume of air for a quick, crisp response, and fine-atomizing injectors contribute to efficient combustion and engine response. Long-reach spark plugs were chosen to have more contact with the cooling jacket and help to prevent engine knock. 

Similar to Kawasaki’s Ninja® ZX™-10R supersport flagship motorcycle, the intake port exits are machined in two stages (first along the valve seats, then again at an inclined angle) to create a smoother, straighter path for intake air as it enters the combustion chamber. Intake ports are polished – another tuning trick that further contributes to increased performance. Lightweight cast pistons minimize reciprocating weight, contributing to high-rpm performance and low-friction molybdenum coating on the skirts helps reduce mechanical loss. 

Exhaust ports feature D-shaped cross-sections that efficiently expel spent gases for increased performance. Like the intake ports, the exhaust ports are polished to help improve performance. Hydroformed header pipes transition from D-shaped cross-sections, matching the exhaust ports, to circular. Downstream, their diameter increases before joining at the collector and entering the silencer – a design that contributes to both power feeling and quick engine response. An innovative balancer weight layout and compact oil pan contribute to the compact engine design. Baffle plates in the oil pan help ensure that the oil pump is fed with oil even at extreme roll angles. A large-capacity radiator is ideally situated at the front behind the prominent grill, where it can easily get cooling air, and is positioned so that it is protected by both the grill and the frame. 

Complementing the high-torque response of the powerful 999 cc, liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, the CVT and centrifugal clutch are key to superior acceleration control at very slow speeds. The centrifugal clutch is located between the crankshaft and CVT drive pulley. This position allows it to eliminate the shock of the CVT belt engaging, which facilitates smooth departures from a stop. By removing the shock of the CVT belt engaging, the centrifugal clutch facilitates precise throttle control when navigating rock gardens or other tricky terrain and helps to reduce stress to the high-grade CVT belt. The CVT and transmission ratios were selected to offer an optimum ride feel while ensuring stable engine braking characteristics. The engine braking offers reassuring support on challenging descents.

The Teryx KRX® 1000 eS uses a large-volume CVT, centrifugal clutch, and high-quality belt to cope with the incredible power and high-rpm operation of the parallel twin engine, contributing to excellent durability and long life. The three-position transmission (High, Low, and Reverse) enables the Teryx KRX 1000 eS to take on the open range and tackle tricky technical courses. 

Electronically selectable 4WD and front differential lock allow drivers to quickly and easily switch between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications while on the go. When a new driving mode is selected, the system engages smoothly on the fly, allowing the driver to control when 4WD or the front differential lock is activated. Locking the front differential causes the front wheels to act as a single axle, preventing wheels from free spinning in low traction situations and providing increased traction when riding over challenging terrain.  

Two power modes allow the driver to set power delivery to suit preference and conditions. Full Power mode delivers a quick and powerful response from the engine, while a milder throttle response is offered by Low Power mode, ideal for low-speed control when crawling over extreme terrain.

The Teryx KRX® 1000 eS model features a highly rigid frame with integrated ROPS designed using Kawasaki’s advanced dynamic rigidity analysis and incorporates the ROPS as a stressed member. The ROPS pillars feature an arched construction to help distribute stress. The sturdy frame construction was designed using advanced dynamic rigidity analysis to ensure minimum weight with maximum strength. The detailed analysis used during frame development results in an optimized frame design that uses minimal gussets with thicker walls reinforcing the frame at the engine and suspension mounts and other high, concentrated stress points. 

Engineers placed the B-pillars along the same line as the rear shocks, allowing them to effectively counter the forces exerted by the shocks on the frame. The ROPS is textured in Persimmon Red to match the styling points of the KRX 1000 eS. 

The wheels are positioned as far apart as possible to contribute to the overall stance of the Teryx KRX 1000 eS. The 99-inch wheelbase, combined with the long wheel travel, contributes to performance and ride comfort, while its wide 59-inch track helps the vehicle maintain its line when cornering.   

The wheels at all four corners extend beyond the bodywork, so the tires are the first part of the machine to encounter obstacles on the trail and allow for approach and departure angles of 90 degrees. A large wheel caster of 10 degrees was chosen to contribute to straight-line stability. 

The Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 eS machine’s rear-engine design results in a 46/54 weight bias, and the low body positioning of the fuel tank and its evenly spaced positioning between the front and rear minimizes the effect of fuel weight on the front-rear weight balance. 

The angled shape of the underbody, similar to the hull of a boat, complements the already more than 14 inches of ground clearance. The undercarriage is covered with a combination of plastic and steel skid plates, with more than 80% of the protection composed of steel pieces. Additional steel plates behind the front fenders offer further protection to the vehicle from rocks and other flying debris. 

The Teryx KRX® 1000 eS features large-diameter disc brakes to deliver superb braking force. Four large, 10-inch stainless steel rotors with a thickness of 5.8 mm are stopped by twin-piston calipers with 32 mm pistons gripping the front discs, while single-piston calipers with 38 mm pistons slow the rear. As the driver pushes the brake pedal, the front brakes engage first, followed by the rear brakes. This offers a very natural, linear brake feel that facilitates precision brake force control. Scrapers were added on the inside of the rear brake discs to help remove mud and pulling the parking brake lever activates the rear brakes. 

The Teryx KRX® 1000 eS side x side is equipped with class-leading, large-diameter tires and bead-lock wheels. The 31-inch MAXXIS Carnivore tires were chosen to ride over small obstacles with greater ease than their smaller-diameter counterparts and help maintain its forward momentum. The tires’ off-road pattern offers enhanced grip for climbing over rocks in rock crawls, and their 8-ply construction provides excellent puncture resistance. The 15-inch aluminum wheels feature bead-lock rims designed to hold the tire beads in place in off-road riding situations. Large M10 bolts are reinforced with inserts in the female thread for extra holding power.

Kawasaki’s high-grade electric power steering (EPS) system is designed to work best when you need it most: at extremely slow speed and when stopped. Turning the wheel causes a signal to be sent to the EPS ECU, initiating assistance. The ECU uses input from a vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor to determine the amount of steering assistance required from the system’s electric motor. At slow speed or when stopped, assistance is greatest; assistance is reduced as vehicle speed increases to ensure responsive steering.

The EPS system also enhances ride comfort and control by acting as a damping system. The   electric motor’s inertia significantly reduces kickback to the steering wheel caused by shocks to the wheels when hitting small bumps or chop on the trail. The EPS system features two separate electronic maps (one for 2WD, one for 4WD) help to maintain a more consistent steering feel, regardless of the mode selected.

The 2021 Teryx KRX® 1000 eS is available in Metallic Onyx Black. 



  • NEW FOX Long Travel Suspension 
  • NEW A-Arm Shaped for Increased A-Arm Ground Clearance 
  • NEW Increased Tread Width and Longer Wheelbase 


The Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides incorporate one of the most recognized names in the high-performance suspension business, FOX Shocks, for its four-wheel independent suspension. For 2021, new longer, steel A-arms can be found at all four corners paired with new FOX 2.0 LSC piggyback shocks that offer more suspension travel and revised suspension settings to help take on obstacles on the trail, while also contributing to a more comfortable ride. The S LE models feature high-performance FOX 2.0 LSC Piggyback single-chamber gas-charged shocks and offer excellent fade-resistant damping performance, even in hard conditions. All four shocks feature piggyback reservoirs enabling the shocks to run cooler and providing more stable damping performance under hard conditions. The front shocks have larger shock bodies matching the two-inch diameter shock bodies mounted in the rear. The longer shock stroke translates to increased wheel travel with the front increasing to 10.7 inches of wheel travel and the rear increasing to 10.0 inches.

The longer A-arms feature a design with more pronounced curvature, meaning more overall ground clearance. The Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE also feature revised suspension settings, offering improved stroke action and a more comfortable ride. Both front and rear shocks are adjustable for compression damping as well as preload. The front suspension is complemented by an anti-roll bar that contributes to front/rear roll balance. 

Brake performance is essential for the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides and is delivered with high-performance hydraulic disc brakes up in the front and a sealed internal wet brake in the rear. With 200 mm rotors gripped by dual-piston calipers for exceptional feel and stopping power mounted up front, the brakes are recessed within the wheels to help keep them free from debris, while the sturdy steel-braided brake lines help keep a crisp, progressive pedal. At the rear, Kawasaki employs its unique sealed internal wet brake, which features internal components that are completely sealed from the elements, providing braking performance in demanding conditions.


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The Double-X frame construction of the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides take technical terrain in stride. This stout frame was designed using detailed computer analysis and features two X-shaped cross members bridging the frame’s box structures from corner-to-corner. 

Maneuvering on the trails is easily accomplished with the tight turning radius, reducing the need for multi-point turns, while the underbody engine guards help shield vital components from dirt and debris.

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This impressive chassis package is further enhanced with a wide-track/wide-body design. The new wide stance helps create a more planted feel, increases agility during cornering and boosts the ability to navigate the terrain. The new wide stance has been increased by approximately 4 inches in the front and 2.4 inches in the rear, bringing the overall width to over 62 inches. The new longer 88.2-inch wheelbase provides a wider stance that means ground disturbances have less of an effect on the cabin, increasing ride comfort and contributing to better handling. The mid-engine placement also helps by centralizing the vehicle’s center of mass, which reduces the turning inertia and promotes more fluid directional changes.

The construction and tread design of the large 27” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 help maximize forward traction, while optimizing driver feedback for cornering.

The S LE model side x sides a maximum 12.2 inches of ground clearance at max preload, helping to negotiate obstacles. The high approach and departure angles (78-degrees in the front for both the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE and 87-degrees and 69-degrees in the rear for Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE, respectively) also reduce the possibility of catching the front bumper or scraping the rear.


With a 783cc engine that generates power and torque in the low- and mid-range of the powerband, the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides are very capable in a variety of environments. The purpose-built 90-degree V-twin engine delivers great fuel efficiency, while also having enough torque and power to conquer the trail.  

Transferring all that torque to the ground is a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with a centrifugal clutch assembly, and a three-mode switch selectable four-wheel drive system that allows access to either 2WD (light steering, great handling), 4WD or 4WD + Front Differential Lock. The latter helps to provide optimum traction by simply rotating a dash-mounted switch. 

The CVT provides a quick response and direct engine “feel” in sportier riding situations, and its unique engine braking ability increases driver confidence on descents, while turning and in a variety of conditions. 

So, whether carving on trails through the woods or traveling through the open desert, the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides have the ideal drivetrain mode to handle it.


Precise steering with reduced effort is the hallmark of the standard Electric Power Steering (EPS) system in the 2021 Kawasaki Teryx S LE and Teryx4 LE models. The EPS is only active when the engine is running, limiting battery drain. 

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Input from vehicle speed and torque sensors determine the amount of steering assistance required, giving more during slow-speed use and less as speed increases. EPS offers additional benefits, especially on challenging surfaces, where reduced steering kickback and bump-steer mean less fatigue for the driver. 

Both S LE models come standard with a tilt steering column. It allows the steering wheel to be tilted to a position that suits the driver or can be moved out of the way to ease cabin access. To reflect its sporty performance and handling, all Teryx® side x sides have a thick steering wheel. This is designed to be more comfortable in the driver’s hand, giving more confidence on trails and improving the overall feel of the driving experience.


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The Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides are designed with the perfect combination of rugged sport performance and capability, from hauling family members or equipment to towing. 

The Teryx S LE features a 27.6 x 43.3-inch cargo bed that is 10.4 inches deep and boasts a heavy-duty 600 lb. payload capacity, while the Teryx4 S LE has a 17.9 x 47.6-inch, 250 lb. capacity cargo box that is 8.7 inches deep. The cargo bed has a flat bottom for carrying supplies out on the trail. 

The cargo bed of the Teryx S LE has KQR™ accessory-ready rails, which allow for convenient mounting of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories and/or tools to the bed rails. Four tie-down loops help secure the cargo and also features two rear storage compartments with lids that offer 48 gallons of storage capacity.

The Teryx S LE features a latching tailgate, which can be removed without requiring tools to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo and cleaning. The tailgate features molded drink holders for added convenience. 

A 2-inch hitch receiver is standard equipment on both S LE models for a substantial 1,300 lb. towing capability once equipped with the optional draw bar.


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Convenience features on the 2021 Kawasaki Teryx S LE side x side include two DC power outlets (three on the Teryx4 S LE model, two up front and one in the rear) providing up to 120 watts of electrical power. Almost eight gallons of fuel capacity mean both S LE models have substantial range. There’s also a sun top to maximize comfort, which comes standard on the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE models, plus conveniently located beverage holders for each occupant.

The dashboard layout incorporates four accessory switch knockouts, allowing Teryx side x side owners to operate their chosen Kawasaki Genuine Accessories, such as a winch, auxiliary LED lighting, etc. The dashboard is also able to accommodate an audio system – one of the many available Kawasaki Genuine Accessories – to provide music or news throughout the day. A number of convenient storage pockets were also incorporated into the dash design to increase its utility.


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An aggressively styled front end includes a removable hood and scratch-resistant front bumper. Along with its angular fenders, the Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides have a look that says “sporty” and “functional” at the same time. 

Lightweight polished 14-inch cast aluminum wheels on the Teryx S and Teryx4 S models add style to the overall appearance. A strong tubular-steel front brush guard and four high-intensity LED headlamps that have two switches with both low and high beam, allow drivers to adjust the light on the trail.

Textured paint on the brush guards and ROPS cage help keep the vehicle looking sharp even after hard use.


The Teryx S LE and Teryx4 S LE side x sides are two of the most comfortable vehicles in their class, which means your family and friends will want to spend more time out on the trails. 

The roomy interior gives the driver and passengers plenty of hip, shoulder and legroom. Three-tone high-backed bucket seats feature high-quality cushioning and cold-resistant seat material for all-day plushness. The high-back adjustable seats eliminate the need for a headrest and feature wraparound ergonomics. The driver’s seat can be adjusted 50 mm while in the seat, allowing different sized drivers to comfortably get behind the wheel. Each set is outfitted with a three-point seatbelt. Shock-absorbing comfort mounts and an anti-cinch feature on the seatbelts also help prevent over-tightening when the belts lock during sudden deceleration (or when the tilt sensor is activated). 

All the Teryx side x side models feature premium factory-designed latching doors that are easy to use, look good and offer a high level of mud protection.

The instrumentation includes a multi-function electronic display that provides an array of useful information: speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer and hour meter, clock and dual trip meters. There are also indicator lights for the 2WD/4WD, front differential, parking brake, water temp and a fuel injection warning, plus a reverse indicator giving you the information you need at a glance.


 The Teryx and Teryx4 side x side lineup is capable, comfortable and durable and backed by the Kawasaki STRONG 3-Year Limited Warranty. 


A large selection of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories is available through authorized Kawasaki dealers across the country. As with all off-highway vehicle recreation, Kawasaki encourages side x side users to drive responsibly and to respect the environment. 

All Kawasaki Genuine Accessories are developed in conjunction with the vehicle for fit and functionality. They include items such as a snowplow and several winches. There is a soft cab enclosure, fabric, plastic and aluminum roofs, as well as full-length fabric doors. There is a cargo box system that secures to the cargo bed using special clamps. Teryx4 S LE side x side owners can also purchase an audio system, auxiliary lighting, tow hitch balls, a full and half windshield, as well as gun cases and a mounting system. For added protection there is a full complement of underbody guards and skid plates from front to rear, as well as light guards, a rear bumper, fender flares and more. 


The 2021 Teryx S LE is available in both a Candy Lime Green and Candy Persimmon Red colorway. The 2021 Teryx4 S LE is offered in three different color options, including Candy Lime Green, Candy Persimmon Red, and Fragment Camo Gray. The Teryx4 S Camo can be found in Realtree Xtra® Green Camo.


Teryx® S LE

Colors: Candy Lime Green 

MSRP: $15,699 

Teryx® S LE

Colors: Candy Persimmon Red 

MSRP: $15,699 

Teryx4™ S LE

Colors: Candy Lime Green

MSRP: $17,699 

Teryx4™ S LE

Colors: Candy Persimmon Red

MSRP: $17,699 

Teryx4™ S LE

Colors: Fragment Camo Gray

MSRP: $17,899 

Teryx4™ S Camo 

Colors: Realtree Xtra® Green Camo 

MSRP: $17,899


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