There are a lot of tires and wheels available for UTV’s but many of them are not designed to work together as a package. The new UTV Tire and wheel collab package from TIS & Hercules Tires addresses that giving you a very thought-out combination. TIS is well known for their dominance in the street wheel market but now they are making launching new stylish products specifically for UTVs. In fact, the owner Myles Kovacs is a long-time off-road road enthusiast and is directly involved in the design and development of these new tires and wheels. New TIS 558BML UTV Wheel comes in a variety of finishes including this version featuring a gloss black finish with CNC milled lip logos and a chrome center cap. Both functional and stylish the 558BML comes in multiple sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns to fit your UTV.

New TIS 558BML UTV Wheel Hercules UT1 Tire 12

Wrapped around the new 558BML UTV Wheel is the new UT1 Tire a collab between TIS and Hercules Tires. Well known for making high-performance off-road tires, Hercules Tires now brings their 60+ years of tire design and manufacturing to the UTV market. This stylish and durable UTV tire features 8-ply construction a specialized dual compound between the tread and shoulder maximizing grip in a wide variety of terrain.

New TIS 558BML UTV Wheel Hercules UT1 Tire

The new UT1 comes in sizes ranging from 28 inches to 35 inches and features:

  • Dual Sidewall design
  • Scalloped shoulder lugs
  • Biting Tread Block Edges
  • Inclined deep and wide grooves
  • Center Tread Blocks

New TIS Hercules UT1 Tire 02

This tire and wheel combo is perfect for UTV enthusiasts who want function and style over a variety of terrain.

New TIS 558BML UTV Wheel Hercules UT1 Tire 10

Head over to to find a dealer near you and check out the full line of wheels and tires.


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