Corbin Leaverton Wins the Pro Class and Kaden Isobella Wins the Sportsman Class

GLAMIS, CA (March 16, 2024) – As the 2024 Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship gets underway, our attention is drawn to the dunes of Glamis, California, for the third installment of Red Bull Sand Scramble, marking the kickoff of the Series. Set against the stunning desert backdrop, the ever-changing 2.8-mile track brought together 67 side-by-side (SXS) racers, 18 in the SXS Pro Class and 49 in the SXS Sportsman Class.

The SXS Pro Class is for experienced drivers and the SXS Sportsman Class is for amateur off-road enthusiasts. To kick off the day, seven heat races were held, two for the Pro Class and five for the Sportsman Class. The two Pro Class heat races featured 9 racers each, all of whom advanced to the main event. For the Sportsman Class, the top seven finishers from each heat qualified for the main event. Additionally, a last chance qualifier rounded out the starting grid, adding five more racers to the Sportsman Class main event.

Corbin Leaverton competes in Red Bull Sand Scramble in Glamis, California, USA on March 16, 2024. // Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202403170114 // Usage for editorial use only //

After a live start to initiate the Pro Class race, Chance Gibson managed to clinch the holeshot, but it was Red Bull racer Corbin Leaverton who secured the win after overcoming a challenging start in his Pro Class heat race. He incurred a penalty for crossing a sector pylon on the wrong side, causing him to finish last in the heat race. However, he later emerged strong in an intense battle against Chase Carr, ultimately seizing the lead on the last lap and crossing the finish line with a total race time of 15:29.3. This marks his second Red Bull Sand Scramble victory, having previously stood on the top step back in 2022. Out of the 18 entrants, 4 bowed out due to mechanical issues, including Seth Quintero, who pulled off the course with a broken axle.

As the Sportsman Class main event began, the battle for first remained intense until race leader Matt Lasher suffered a race-ending setback on lap three, allowing Kaden Isobella to take the lead and ultimately win the race with a total race time of 16:42.586. Maddie Wroeking secured a close second with a total race time of 16:45.380, just three seconds behind Isobella. The race was a mix of excitement, carnage, and chaos, with several adrenaline-fueled passes and numerous crashes occurring in the final laps, resulting in 17 racers finishing the main event.

Event Participants compete in Red Bull Sand Scramble in Glamis, California, USA on March 16, 2024. // Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202403170115 // Usage for editorial use only //

In addition to celebrating the podium winners of the 2024 Red Bull Sand Scramble, Red Bull racer Mia Chapman was awarded her 2023 Red Bull Scramble National Championship Pro Class trophy.


SXS Pro Class

  1. Corbin Leaverton – 15:29.3
  2. Chase Carr – 15:34.4
  3. Shawn Saxton – 15:51.0

SXS Sportsman Class

  1. Kaden Isobella – 16:42.6
  2. Maddie Wroeking – 16:45.4
  3. Devin Smith – 17:06.3


“Coming off the win from last year, you don’t want anything less than that, I was able to lock in a little bit and chase Carr and bring it home for the win. Really close battles all day but it was fun, really intense and probably the best race we’ve had out here in the past three years” – Corbin Leaverton

“It was a lot of fun, I’m super familiar with this area because I do a lot for Dakar and Abu Dahbi out here in these dunes, I’ve been here a lot but I’ve never done a race here. The course that they set up was absolutely insane, it was the perfect mix of really fast and fun and a little bit of sketchy to keep everyone honest.” – Austin “AJ” Jones

“I would say the race went well. This is the race I usually struggle with, it’s the hardest one for me throughout the season but we got my car tuned just right and I went out there and had some fun. I’m stoked about it and couldn’t ask for a better way to start the season.” – Mia Chapman

“This race is by far the most fun that anybody could do, so to come out here even with a stock car and come hang out with everybody and see the fans and turnout this year was absolutely unreal.” – Seth Quintero


Red Bull Sand Scramble marked the inaugural event in the 2024 Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship. Corbin Leaverton secures the top spot in the Pro Class overall leaderboard after competing this weekend, amassing 100 points, while Chase Carr trails closely behind in P2 with 95 points. In the Sportsman Class, Kaden Isobella leads the pack in P1 with 100 points, closely followed by Maddie Wroeking in P2 with 95 points.

The remaining 2024 schedule features four unique locations:

  • May 4, Red Bull Ranch Scramble in Decatur, Texas
  • May 18, Red Bull Beach Scramble in Wildwood, N.J.
  • June 22, Red Bull Solstice Scramble in Wasilla, Ala.
  • October 12, Red Bull Farm Scramble in Garwin, Iowa


Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship

The Red Bull National Championship is separated into two classes: the Pro Class for more experienced racers and the Sportsman Class for amateur off-road enthusiasts. While no single race is the same, both classes will follow the same points structure per race and will abide by the same tiebreaker (as required) for the season. The Pro Class and Sportsman Class National Scramble Series Championship is determined by the best four finishes and best three finishes each driver achieves throughout the season, respectively.


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