It is now easier to get off-road with Mahindra Automotive North America’s ROXOR lease program. The industry-leading ROXOR lease program provides an easy, hassle-free way to enjoy the toughest, most capable, work/play side-by-side on the market.

“The opportunity to lease a new ROXOR allows work/play off-roaders to get behind the wheel of a new ROXOR at a more affordable monthly payment; as low as under $190/month,” said Justin Prann, Vice President of Sales and Service. “Value is at the forefront of any vehicle purchase during these times and the lease program provides an alternative for consumers who are on the fence with regard to purchasing a ROXOR for their agricultural operation or as a recreational vehicle.”

ROXOR Lease Program Details

A ROXOR has undeniable heritage of conquering the most difficult challenges the world could throw at it and the lease program makes the ROXOR a more accessible work/play vehicle today.   Hand assembled in the USA with a steel body, boxed steel frame and Mahindra 2.5L 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel engine; the ROXOR is ready for any terrain. The heavy-duty truck-like, belt-less transmission of a ROXOR will get through the toughest of off-road situations.

Just as our customers are committed to the outdoors for a recreational or work/play vehicle, ROXOR is committed to our customers by providing the affordable option to upgrade to a new model year every three years under the lease program.

The fast, paperless process and soft credit pull – administered by MotoLease – allows for customers to receive an instant decision. 

With lease payments under $190 USD per month, a work/play vehicle never became more affordable. For more complete details and to apply for the ROXOR lease program, please visit: Available in the US only.

The lease program is only available at participating dealers. To locate a dealer near you, visit:

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