The SoCal Sand Drag Association (SCSDA) announced two new UTV classes to the 300ft sand drag program to be held September 27th-29th in San Jacinto, CA. UTVs have long been a part of the sand drag community, whether it be a friendly grudge match in the dunes, or attending organized events. SCSDA has recognized the tremendous growth of the UTV market and in response has created two classes specifically for UTVs. As with prior events, UTVs will still be allowed to compete in the Sort and Pro car classes, but now have two NEW exciting classes to compete in.

The new classes

Pro Outlaw UTV
• Unlimited configuration, must be a powersports engine
• Must have UTV style body
• Heads-Up
• Pro Tree
This class is all about bragging rights. Think you have a fast SxS? Then prove it! This class is for the biggest and baddest UTVs out there.

Total Entry Fees for Pro Outlaw UTV: $170 ($100 class entry + $20 safety surcharge + $25 weekend camping fee + $25 racer entry band)

Sport UTV
• 4.80 – slower
• Must be a powersports engine
• Must have UTV style body
• Bracket race
• Sport Tree
The everyday man’s UTV class. Budgets don’t matter here. You’ll see everything from stock farm UTVs to mildly built dune set-ups. With bracket racing everybody is on a level playing field.

Total Entry Fees for Sport UTV: $120 ($50 class entry + $20 safety surcharge + $25 weekend camping fee + $25 racer entry band)

Kids can also race in the Juniors program though there will not be a separate Kids UTV class at this time. Racer registration and entry fee payment will be available onsite at the race entrance gate. Pre registration is available online at (no prepayment).

General Spectator Admission: Available on-site only
$10 – Adults (Ages 13-Up)/ Day or $25/ All 3 Days
$5 – Kids (Ages 5-12)/ Day
Kids Ages 4-Under are FREE!
$25 – Pit Parking/ Camping (Weekend)

Partnering with Motorsports Safety Solutions (the best first-response team in off-road), event sponsors like Maximum Diesels and SoCal O.T.R. Recycling Inc., multiple food vendors, and Cruisin T’s for awesome event merchandise, the SoCal Sand Drags continue to provide the premier sand drag racing experience. Sand drag racing began just down the street from the current San Jacinto track in the 1950s and continues to be an integral part of the greater Hemet Valley. SCSDA offers top notch sand drag competition for all vehicle types and driver/ rider experience levels. Boasting a family friendly environment and camping for racers and spectators alike, sand drag racing with the SoCal Sand Drag Association is unmatched.

Safety Regulations:

Arm Restraints/ Window Nets:
Arm restraints and or window nets will be required for all Pro Outlaw UTV competitors (Sport UTV will not require arm restraints or window nets, but it is highly recommended). All arm restraints must be worn and adjusted in such a manner that the drivers’ arms or hands cannot extend outside the roll cage. Arm restraints shall be combined with the driver restraint system such that the arm restraints are released with the driver restraints.

All UTVs must be equipped with a minimum of (2) functional
hydraulic axle brakes, or (1) large functional brake if mounted on live axle. No
go-kart brakes. No excessive lightening or drilling of brake components is

All vehicles quicker than 3.75 are required to have a full fire suit (jacket, pants
and gloves). Jacket and pants must be minimum sfi rated 3.2a/1 and gloves
3.3/1. Jacket meeting sfi rated 3.2A/1 required for vehicles running 4.25 and
quicker or any vehicle with nitrous. Neck brace mandatory while running 4.25
and quicker. All drivers are required to wear a minimum of a long sleeve shirt
or non-nylon jacket, long pants, boots and gloves. All riders must have eye
protection! Any rider faster than 3.5 seconds will be required to have full riding
leathers or nomex 2-layer fire suit. No nylon clothing of any type will be allowed.

Exhaust Systems:
All exhaust must be safely directed away from the vehicle and driver. No flex
pipe is permitted.

Floorboards are mandatory on all vehicles where it is necessary to keep the
drivers feet within the frame. Floorboards may be made of securely mounted
aluminum, expanded metal, steel or screen. No fabric or netting is allowed.

Fuel Shut-Off:
A fuel shut-off is required on all vehicles fitted with an electric fuel pump or
pressurized fuel system. This shut off must be plainly marked and easily
accessible to the driver or person outside the vehicle.

Helmets and Eye Protection:
NHRA approved helmets are required for all competitors (snell or dot approved).
Full-face shield or shatterproof goggles are required for all open vehicles.
Sunglasses or eyeglasses are not considered protection.

Kill Switch:
All vehicles must have a plainly marked kill switch that is easily accessible to the
driver or person outside the vehicle. All cars started by other than the driver
from the driver’s position must have a positive ground attached to the coil(s) or
mag(s) to prevent accidental starting when not intended.

Roll Bars and Cage:
UTVs without locking doors (aftermarket or factory) must have a bar on the driver side.
We will not accept anything smaller than 1-inch .095 mild steel for the main
frame for vehicles 3,000 pounds or lighter. All vehicles 3,001 pound or heavier
and quicker than 4.50 seconds will require a full cage and must be a minimum of
1 ½-inch OD .095 mild steel or 1 ½-inch chromoly .065.

Seatbelts, Shoulder Harness, Head and Neck Device:
All vehicles that are driven in a driver’s compartment or area are required to
have quick release-type safety belts and shoulder harness (5-way belts
minimum). Arm restraints all open cockpit cars are required to have arm
restraints. Belts must be fastened to the frame or roll cage with minimum 5/16-inch hardened steel bolts. All belt fittings must pull in a direct line with predetermined impact. Under no circumstances are the belts to be mounted with a bolt through the webbing. All stock vehicles may use stock seat belts and shoulder straps.

Staging Devices:
Any staging device must be rigidly and securely mounted to the vehicle. It must
be a minimum 16 inches long and extend from the front of the vehicle rearward
to the front wheels. If the vehicle stages with the body panels or undercarriage it
could result in a red light foul. It is up to the driver to make this choice. There is
no recourse in a staging foul. No electronic staging device, which is keyed to or
triggered by the starting or timing system, is allowed. Such a device in the
vehicle, working or not, is grounds for disqualification. Delay boxes will be

All frames and roll cages must be adequately welded. The quality of the weld will
be visually inspected. Grinding of welds is not permitted.

Wheelie Bars:
Any vehicle exhibiting big wheel stands will be required to have
a wheelie bar. Excessive wheelies are a rule infraction and are subject to
disqualification. The wheelie bar must support the weight of the vehicle and
driver when jacked up by the wheelie bar. Four bar construction is highly

Refer to the full rule book for additional race procedures and rules here.

Track Location:

23333 Soboba Rd
San Jacinto, CA 92583

Visit or @socalsanddrags on Facebook for more information.


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