SolderWeld Rescues Your Race!

SolderWeld, Inc. has released a new all in one kit that is resetting the bar for Off-Roaders all over the world.  Vehicles with this kit on board will, without a doubt, have the competitive advantage. The Off-Road Repair Kit by SolderWeld includes everything you need to repair some of the most minor fixes that have been impossible or difficult in the past.  Enabling Racers and Off-Roaders the ability to repair their vehicle in the heat of the race and get you back on the track!  

SolderWeld has been quickly establishing itself as a game changer in the metal bonding and repair industry.  These revolutionary products are easy to use and overcome the most pervasive challenges of automotive metal repair.  SolderWeld has created a new standard and it is far beyond what you would expect in vehicle repair.


The Off-Road Repair Kit was created to give race teams the ability to fix their vehicles, mid race, without having to return to the pit.  The kit fits easily on board any vehicle and includes SolderWeld’s Aluminum Repair Rods and Flux, Multi-Metal Repair Rods and Flux, Hot Block Heat Blocking Putty, a cleaning rag and a wire brush.  Each of these products has demonstrated time and time again, that their value is unable to be surpassed when repairing and bonding metal.  Just add the heat source, and you are back on the road with repairs that are as solid as if they were welded in a repair shop.    

SolderWeld has sponsored Off Road Race teams and has witnessed the challenges that can be presented when racing.  One wrong move and racers find themselves sidelined with what was once considered race ending damage.   Radiator punctures and cracks, busted brake lines and so much more, can now be fixed on the fly with the tools in this kit!  The products are super easy to use, hold as strongly as a weld, and repairs can be made, in most cases, without disassembling the vehicle.  

What?  That’s right.  You can make the repairs, right there!  

With the race season launching into full swing, SolderWeld is poised to be the reason behind a few savvy racers top times!  The repairs that once required a haul to the pit, or worse, the end to the race, are now able to be made in record time.  It won’t be long before most teams catch on to this product, but the ones that are on board this year, are sure to see the finish line sooner than the competition.


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