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If you’ve spent any time on the trail or out in the desert four-wheeling’ then you’ve either seen people get stuck or gotten stuck yourself. Heck, half the fun is getting sideways in the middle of nowhere and then trying to figure out how to recover a vehicle without breaking it in half! It seems like all too often, however, when a truck or UTV needs to get unstuck – guys start breaking out all kinds of weird ropes, devices, winches, and suddenly you have people arguing about whether to use a come-along, a tree saver, a snatch block, or “just send it bro”! It can be frustrating and get ugly. That’s where the Kinetic Recovery Rope comes in from Rhino USA. Before you do anything with chains, cranes, or your buddy’s grandpa’s old tractor hauler contraction, try the best Kinetic Recovery Rope combined with a pair of Rhino USA Synthetic Soft Shackles. Especially you UTV guys. 

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A Kinetic recovery rope, also known as “snatch ropes” or “yanker ropes” is designed to stretch, and smoothly transfer the kinetic energy from the recovery vehicle, to the vehicle that is stuck. The ability of the kinetic rope to stretch is key, because it allows you to get a running start without the risk of damaging either vehicle – with a violent jerking or slamming force. Instead, the kinetic recovery rope uses its stored energy to YANK the stuck vehicle smoothly. When you’re using a typical tow strap, you want to move very slowly – because they only stretch about 10%. But with the Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Rope, you have the freedom to accelerate into the initial pull – which increases your odds of getting unstuck dramatically.

We tested this out recently on our ranch. We got our old trusty Polaris Ranger Crew buried in our creek right up to the frame rail. The mud was so thick it wouldn’t budget even in all-wheel mode. We hooked up the Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope to the front bumper, attached it to our 4 seat RZR, and gave her some gas and BAMM! Unstuck in about 2 minutes. No muss, no fuss.

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Rhino USA now manufactures THREE sizes of Kinetic Recovery Ropes, 5/8″ which has a working load of just under 4,500 pounds and a max break strength of over 13,000 pounds, a 7/8″ model with a working load of over 8,000 pounds and a break strength of over 24,000 pounds, and a 1” model which is for heavier off-road truck applications and works best with their heavier duty 1/2” soft shackles. All three ropes are 20 feet long, giving you plenty of room to get a running start.  For all you UTV owners out there, the Rhino USA 5/8″ Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope combined with a pair of 7/16” Synthetic Soft Shackles is the perfect recovery setup for the sand, mud, dirt, and snow. This lightweight combination of indestructible recovery tools will get you and your crew out of almost every situation imaginable. If we had one gripe, it might be that the ropes themselves don’t come with a decent storage bag – but we’re told the guys at Rhino are going to include that down the road. And hey, by now, you should have a dedicated recovery gear bag anyway, right?

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So how do you use the Rhino Kinetic Recovery Rope? It’s simple. Grab a few Rhino USA 7/16” Synthetic soft shackles – and simply loop them around a tow hook, frame hole, bumper, or another rigid part of the stuck vehicle and recovery vehicle. Attach the Rhino USA 5/8″ Kinetic Recovery Rope between the two vehicles by simply looping it through the soft shackles. Now accelerate forward and let the kinetic energy do the work for you! It’s that simple. The Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Ropes are designed and engineered right here in the USA and are constructed from heavy-duty synthetic fiber for extended durability. AND like all Rhino USA products, they come with a lifetime money-back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Ropes at your local off-road shop. Stop using chains, bungee cords, and other whacky so-called tow ropes….Rhino USA has you covered!


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