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Rhino has been making more and more recovery gear these days and for all of us who like to get out on the trail and away from the noise of the city that is a great thing. These guys make the best tie downs, ratchet straps, and tire care gear in the business, and now they’re making the best recovery traction boards on the planet. 

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The Rhino traction boards fit easily in your SUV, truck bed, or UTV roof, and they’re perfect for on the trail, in the desert, or even at home on the ranch. They’re the ultimate tire ladder and the easiest way to get unstuck from mud, sand, snow or ice. These boards measure 13 X 42 inches, are made from fade resistant reinforced nylon trax and can withstand up to 10 tons of pressure without failing. They come as a pair and feature two built in handles on each side of the board. The contoured end can be used as a shovel to remove dirt and debris from around your stuck vehicle, AND they feature industry standard mounting holes to make hanging them on your truck, UTV, or SUV breeze. They even come with retrieval lashes so that you can easily recover the boards out of thick mud or sand once you’re done with your vehicle.

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We’ve had a set of these traction boards in our trucks, suv’s and UTV’s for a few months now and we’ve had to use them multiple times while out in Ocotillo, Glamis and our local mountains in the snow. They are super simple to use. First, you use the board like a shovel to clear out dirt and debris from in front of your vehicle’s tires. Then, place the end of the traction board firmly against the tread of your tire, and shift into a low gear and gently accelerate onto the board. Finally, use the retrieval lashes to grab your board, tap them clean and store them back into the supplied Rhino carry bag! 

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There is no better way to recover your vehicle, especially when you’re by yourself. If you own a two wheel drive truck or SUV these recovery boards will save you in a pinch, guaranteed! The Rhino USA Rhino Recovery Traction Boards are available in three colors; Rhino Green, Black and Rescue Red, and come with a padded storage bag to make them easy to store when not in use. They’re the perfect gift for the overlander, off-roader, or trail hound in your family and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they will refund your money. You can pick up these boards direct at, from their Amazon store or any off-road or overland shop in your area. Do yourself a favor and toss these in any truck or SUV you own so you never have to worry about getting stuck again. And remember – everything Rhino USA makes is engineered here in America and comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. 


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