vsion x modular light bar system

The revolutionary new UNITE Modular LED Light Bar System completely changes the LED game.  The UNITE Modular LED Light Bar System puts the power of customization directly into the customers hands allowing you to select your custom bar rail width, then choose what type of modules you want. Each module features a 4-LED advanced optic design that comes in 8 different styles to match your lighting needs. The all-new quick connect mounting rail gives you the ability to easily slide on and swap around the modules at will so you can easily change configurations to your needs.

visionx unite light bar
unite light bar visionx

A custom designed configurator on Vision X’s new website will walk you through the process to build your own personalized UNITE lightbar system, which allows almost infinite combinations of beam patterns, including amber lenses. 


  • Fully Customizable Light Bar System
  • Straight Rail 6”| 12”| 20”| 30”| 40”| 50” Lengths
  • 8 Different Unite Modules to Choose From
  • High Output CREE LEDs
  • 2000+ Lumens Per Module (White LED)
  • Advanced Precision Optics
  • IP68/69K Rated Housing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Building Your Own Unite

Once the light rail is chosen, the module customizing begins. Each module features a 4-LED advanced optic design that comes in 12 different styles to match your lighting needs. In other words, you’re no longer forced to decide between amber and white LEDs or flood and spot beam patterns. The UNITE Modular Light Bar system enables you to choose, configure, and build the light bar that you need for your vehicle. 

vision x unite led lighting

Pre-Configured UNITE Options

Unsure of which configuration works best for your application? No problem. We did the research for you! Check out all of our Pre-Configured UNITE Bars that we have put together to cover a wide variety of lighting applications. View Pre-Configured Here

VisionX off road lighting

Split-Function Power Accessories

The UNITE Light Bar design allows you to add multiple power connectors to power different sections of your light bar independently. Want to run Amber Modules on the outside and White Spots in the middle? Now you can split them up into different circuits to power them separately with our Split-Function Connector Kit.

This and all other products come together in the site in an easy to purchase format. Check it out at: www.visionxoffroad.com

VisionX Unite LightBar off road


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