Link to Product:  210 Degree Wide Rock Lights

Check out the new premium Whip It Rock Lights! These top-of-the-line rock lights illuminate 210 degrees wide and are the brightest, most visible, and most vibrant rock lights in the industry right now and you can control them right from your phone with their easy-to-use app for iPhone and Android devices. Rock lights are used to illuminate your undercarriage, wheel wells, truck area, behind your dash, or anywhere around your vehicle where you need some extra light. They serve both as an important safety feature at night – making you much more visible when riding AND they can provide valuable light when you’re navigating tight or rocky areas at dusk or night.

WhipIt On Wood Stills 2022 5

Whip It Rock Lights also work seamlessly with Whip It’s LED Light Rods so they give your vehicles a polished and professional look. These top-of-the-line, premium 210-degree Led rock light kits Come in either a 4 or 8-pod kit and include everything you need for a fast, hassle-free installation.

WhipIt On Wood Stills 2022

They feature a lightweight and durable aluminum lens, and are made from waterproof polycarbonate material. The supplied connection cords are heavy-duty and wear-resistant, and there is plenty of length to work with. Whip It Rock Lights are capable of displaying over 16 million colors, and feature 188 chasing combinations with adjustable speed, brightness, and will sync to your music.

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