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Check out the new Whip It Light Rods – makers of the best LED whips in the industry! Whip It is the largest whip supplier to the world’s premium power sports distributors, and a top-tier innovator in the industry. Whip It Light Rods was one of the first premium providers of LED light rods and prides itself on innovation and quality products used on recreational vehicles. So let’s take a look at their current crop of new premium products.

The Premium Whip It Light Rods come in two different models: RGB and Chasing. What makes these special and what’s the difference? BOTH models feature 360 Degrees of Awesome Color. These are the industry’s brightest LED whips and feature a unique spiraled design – which means you get more LEDs per foot of whip. AND the stainless steel springs and fiberglass rods make these light rods virtually indestructible. They come in both at WHITE and BLACK background to match your machine.

There are two RGB versions, remote only or App only and both light up with 20 different colors and 22 functions, including flash, strobe and fade through colors; adjust speed/brightness or lock on one color. The app provides more functionality including music synchronization, group LED control and password lock function.

The Premium RGB Whip It Light Rods with remote only are perfect for that budget-conscious build and basic lighting. But you can take it to a whole new level with the Premium Bluetooth Chasing Whips.

The Premium Bluetooth Chasing Whips can be controlled with the included remote AND their free, easy-to-use App that provides ultimate functionality including music synchronization, color, pattern and light effect customization, color brightness and speed control, and group LED control. There’s a password lock function, DIY function, Music Function, App interface and light synchronization display function.

The Chasing function adds 300 different colors and 200 patterns, including flash, strobe and fade-through-colors, stream, cascade and different color combinations from top, bottom and middle; adjust speed/brightness or lock on one color.

If you want to go big – go with the Chasing Whip It Light Rods and don’t look back! It’s the ultimate setup for controlling the look of your machine.

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