(Bend, Oregon USA)

During September, adventure packing and gear innovator Giant Loop is donating 100% of gross sales revenue for its Tracker Packer™ holsters to the Kurt Caselli Foundation to support its safety tools, training, scholarship and other key programs.
Giant Loop developed the Tracker Packer holsters in collaboration with the Kurt Caselli Foundation when it was first founded as a tool to further its mission to improve the safety of riders and racers in the off-road motorcycling industry.

The safest way to carry and use a GPS-enabled emergency beacon is to secure the device to the user. In motorcycle accidents, bike and rider often separate. The rugged Tracker Packer holster ensures the device stays with the rider — and is plainly visible to first-on-the-scene. Tracker Packers use redundant anchor points to secure emergency beacons to a backpack strap or to the user’s upper arm.

With the ability to check in, send messages via satellite and to summon SOS emergency rescue, devices like the SPOT Gen3 and Garmin inReach have become indispensable kit for every adventure beyond cell phone range.
Giant Loop offers two versions of the Tracker Packer. One is compatible with the SPOT Gen3 and ACR beacons, the other is compatible with Garmin’s inReach (Mini, SE, Explorer) and GPSMAP 66i/86sci models. USA MSRP is $39 (free standard USA shipping)


For more information about the Kurt Caselli Foundation, go to https://www.kurtcaselli.com/
Tracker Packer sales and information are available here: https://www.giantloopmoto.com/product/tracker-packer/


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