AZOP Grand Prix Race Brings Competitors into the Mountains

Mormon Lake welcomes racers to a beautiful lakeside off-road course…

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series, Round 6, Mormon Lake, AZ July 13-14, 2019

With the summer heat having taken over the low-lying deserts, the month of July sees a yearly shift to the few mountain towns of Arizona that boast cooler weather for the offroad community. With two major races separated by only two weeks taking place in the mountains near Flagstaff most spectators and racers were just glad to be out of the stifling desert heat. The first of these races saw a sizable contingent of car haulers and motorhomes descending on the sleepy mountain town of Mormon Lake to take on the lake-side grand prix track put together by Arizona Offroad Promotions for the 6th round of the 2019 Rowley White RV Series.

The race – which was presented by Superior Truck Parts and Go AZ Motorcycles – featured a course that snaked itself around a mostly flat piece of property on the lakebed. A motocross style section added some vertical components but the character of the track favored those drivers and riders who could take advantage of big sweepers and tight, bermed corners.

The wide and fast track made for lots of passing and presented traffic issues for the fastest competitors as the slower participants on the course often came into play around the halfway point of each race. With plenty of places to go 3-wide (or more for the bikes) there were lots of exciting moments for the spectators. Combined with the rather stunning backdrop of forested mountains and a herd of local elk grazing lazily a few hundred yards away on the lakebed it is easy to see why this race has become a favorite on the annual AZOP calendar.

Saturday UTV Results

Pro: 1.) #903 Kody Winiecki 2.) #154 Dean Wheeler, Jr. 3.) #198 Matthew Maciejewski

Unlimited Turbo: 1.) #904 Chase De Sousa Dias 2.) #866 Chris Leaming 3.) #969 Daniel Hurn

1000cc Non-Turbo: 1.) #902 Evan Striplin 2.) #917 Will Munns 3.) #504 Abe Martinez

850cc: 1.) #411 Todd Waling

570cc: 1.) #1901 Ellie Koester 2.) #1910 Grace Vinagro 3.) #193 Ashton Stowell

250cc: 1.) #7 Brody Aikins 2.) #135 Casen Krah

170cc: 1.) #192 Ryland Stowell 2.) #10 Reid Aikins 3.) #147 Braden Krah

Sunday UTV Results

Pro: 1.) #903 Kody Winiecki 2.) #198 Matthew Maciejewski 3.) #143 Kali Kinsman

Unlimited Turbo: 1.) #866 Chris Leaming 2.) #904 Chase De Sousa Dias 3.) #1936 Dave Jobski

1000cc Non-Turbo: 1.) #901 Clayton Winiecki 2.) #902 Evan Striplin 3.) #1937 Hailey Hein

570cc: 1.) #37 Hailey Hein 2.) #97 Jesse Owens 3.) #21 Riley Hein

250cc: 1.) #7 Brody Aikins 2.) #17 Vincent Riccitelli 3.) #135 Casen Krah

170cc: 1.) #147 Braden Krah 2.) #10 Reid Aikins 3.) #192 Ryland Stowell

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing.  For full race results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to

Written by: Miller Truby

All images ©: Miller Truby



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