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    Rally on the Rocks - 2013

    Hey Brandon, Good to meet you. Great product and thanks again for the good trail side eats. Trevor SSV works (the stereo guys)
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    SSV system

    Nice install. Great pics. Cool amp mount under the seat. We've had good luck with the 925 battery replacement only BUT... we didn't have 5-6 Hid's at the same time. 2nd batterys always nice,but you have to remember to charge it at camp as the stator can't kep up with 2 -T
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    Who has the bumps

    Cool, that thing will rip... pictures? Trevor
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    Side x Side Jamboree April 4th & 5th

    We'll be there too :D
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    Glamis march 20th-22nd UTV rally

    We'll be there. the last one was sick, this should be INSANE. Our rig will be in the vendor/sponsor circle. Be sure to swing by and introduce yourself. Joey.....WTF :eek: Trevor
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    In car cams!!!

    Sweet Vid. that looks like the standard not wide. You need to turn the volume up. there's a setting to turn it up so you can hear the motor while it's in the housing. We offer the Wide GoPro Hero with the helmet, universal and vehicle super suction cup mount for $199, LESS 10% disc. = $179...
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    In car cams!!!

    Hey guys, we distribute the GoPro Hero WIDE cameras... they honestly kick ass. video is amaizingly clear, sound is awesome. One of the coolest products i've see yet... and, UTV Underground members get 10% off :D call or email to order. Trevor [email protected] 818-991-1SSV (778)
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    Fried Amp?

    Woohoo, thanks! anyone else feel like Kinkck5 does :P
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    Fried Amp?

    Doh... I can help you trouble shoot a few things if you'd like. If the amp is the cuplret and it's our system, your covered under our 2 year warranty. Send er on back for a new one ;). Lemme know. 818-991-1SSV (778) Trevor
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    SSV in da underground

    heeyyyy..... Who's side are you on :confused:....... :p
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    Who has the bumps

    Here's a 2amp setup we did.
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    SSV in da underground

    Good to be here. I keep chasin you guys from board to board :D We manafacturer turnkey audio systems for all Side by Side Vehicles featuring fiberglass speaker pods and subwoofer enclosures. Our whole system runs off an iPod, no radio needed. Lemme know if we can help get you bumpin...

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