Photos by Ernesto Araiza

UTVUnderground did a quick photo session with Marc Burnett at the 2021 Baja 500 and got an in-depth, picturesque look at the Rigid Industries lighting set up on his race UTV. Check out the eye candy below.

2021 Baja 500 Rigid Burnett 7 1

This set up uses 11 DXL lights, 2 Driving beam pattern, 2 Spot beam pattern, and 5 Hyperspot beam pattern. There are also two E-Series lights, one with the Driving beam and the other with a spot beam. On the back of the cage are 2 D-series lights and finally there are assorted green A-Series lights.

2021 Baja 500 Rigid Burnett 3 1

The Driving beams will allow the racer to see broader and focused light at speeds between 10-50mph. The Spot and Hyperspot beams will allow the racer to have long distance focus at very high speeds, 50+mph. The D-series lights are illuminating the driver and passenger sides and will help with turning visibility due to the placement and angle.

2021 Baja 500 Rigid Burnett 8 1Browse these lights and the full line of Rigid products at

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