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We’ve talked before about kinetic recovery ropes. Here’s a link to that article. Rhino makes light duty ropes that are 5/8″, medium duty ropes that are 7/8″, BUT these are the HEAVY DUTY 1” X 30’ ropes that are perfect for full size, heavy duty, one ton trucks! This is the biggest, baddest kinetic tow rope Rhino makes and it’s the one you want in your full size truck! This is hands down the best way to recover a heavy, stuck vehicle when you’re stuck DEEP and the recovery vehicle has room to gas or accelerate out of the recovery area safely. 

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We have three 1-ton trucks in our fleet and we keep these kinetic recovery ropes in ALL of them. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Make sure your truck or equipment is NOT that weak link. Put one of these Rhino Kinetic Recovery Ropes in your truck and you’re ready to tow a house, or become the lead recovery vehicle on the trail. All it takes is THIS rope and a proper rigid recovery point and you’re dialed. 

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When you’re using a typical tow strap you want to move very slowly – because they only stretch about 10%. But with a Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope you have the freedom to accelerate into the initial pull – which increases your odds at getting unstuck dramatically. Kinetic recovery ropes are designed to stretch, and smoothly transfer the kinetic energy from the recovery vehicle, to the vehicle that is stuck. Think of it like a rubber band. The ability of the rope to stretch is key, because it allows you to get a running start without the risk of damaging either vehicle – with a violent jerking or slamming force. Instead the kinetic rope uses its stored energy to YANK the stuck vehicle, smoothly.

Rhino’s  heady duty 1” kinetic rops are for heavier off-road truck applications and the rope is 30 feet long. For all you full size truck owners out there, the Rhino USA 1″ Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope combined with a pair of Heavy Duty Super Shackles is the perfect recovery setup for the sand, mud, dirt and snow! This heavy duty combination of indestructible recovery tools will get you and your crew out of almost every situation imaginable. Don’t hit the trail without these essential emergency recovery tools. 

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To use the Rhino USA 1″ Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope simply loop them around a tow hook, frame hole, bumper, or other rigid part of the stuck vehicle. Then attach to the recovery vehicle by simply looping it through a soft shackle or attaching to a super shackle. Now accelerate forward and let the kinetic energy do the work for you! 

Our only minor gripe about these ropes is that we wish they had a better built in strap at the end to hold them once they are wound up. But that being said they come with a thick indestructible carrying bag like most Rhino products. Most recovery gear at this price point does not. 

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The Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes are designed and engineered right here in the USA, and are constructed from heavy duty synthetic fiber for extended durability. AND like all Rhino USA products, they come with a lifetime money back guarantee. So head over to OR ask for the Rhino USA Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes at your local off road shop. Rhino USA – Superior Powersports Accessories. 


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