On this week’s Speed UTV livestream we went into the engineering room to get an up-close look at the internals of the Speed UTV, they start about 40:23 into the livestream. We got a first look at the 2 piece Speed UTV Beadlock wheels, and we got a preview of the Speed UTV configurator.

The Speed UTV configurator is launching Thursday June 25th, if you ordered a Speed UTV you’ll be getting an e-mail letting you know that your Speed UTV is ready to be configured.

4 seat speed UTV from the front

One of the questions that keeps coming up week after week is how much testing is being done on the Speed UTV?

The short answer is 8 years worth of testing.

All the parts that are being built for the Speed UTV have been slowly evolving over the last 8 years. It’s how the team at Speed was able determine that electric power steering is probably not the best option to go with, so they’re going with fully hydraulic.

It’s also how they’ve been able to build the first in the industry 3 speed shift on the fly transmission CVT transmission.

Every part of the Speed UTV has come from decades of Robby Gordon’s racing experience, and has been shaped and formed into what you see today.

Speed UTV 2 Piece Beadlock Wheel

Speed UTV has designed and built a 2 piece beadlock wheel for the release of their 2021 Speed UTV. What makes this wheel unique to the UTV industry, is that it’s a flat face wheel where the outside face of the wheel works as the beadlock and mounts to the rest of the wheel.

The two piece wheel is made using a high pressure cast, and at only 15.5lb’s it’s one of the lightest beadlock wheels you can get for a side by side.

Billet Steering Components

From factory the Speed UTV steering will use cast parts, but if you’re looking for that next level upgrade, billet steering options will be available.

More Refinements to the Dash

When a manufacturer is developing a new product, all the research and development is typically done behind closed doors, the only insight you could get would be sneak peak pictures of a truck dressed up in what looks like techno zebra camouflage.

What makes Speed UTV special are the weekly updates.

We get to see a product evolve from an idea to something that’s going to go into mass production in a matter of weeks.

Sure there are down sides to developing something while the whole world is watching, but the up side is that you’ve got a thousands of people to look and see what you may have missed, so you can fix it before any of the molds are made.

One of those examples is the Speed UTV dash, week after we get to see it evolve. Below you can see the latest revisions of it, and it’s looks like it’s almost ready to go into mass production.

speed UTV dash from the side

Robby Gordon Edition Graphics

If you splurged and got the RG edition car with all the goodies, we’ve got some good news for you. The Speed UTV RG Edition graphics are coming closer to the finish line. Below we’ve got a render of the 4 seat Speed UTV El Jefe with the initial design of the RG Edition Graphics.

robby gordon edition speed UTV graphics on a 4 seat el jefe speed utv

Robby mentioned this is just the initial design, over the coming weeks it’ll get more evolved.

Questions & Answers

How will the car determine if it’s running E85?

There is a flexfuel sensor which detects Ethanol content but not octane. The knock sensor is a secondary sensor which may indicate if you have fuel issues.

Which bank will finance the Speed UTV?

Freedom Road Financial is the bank Speed UTV will be going through, you can sign on to their website, and calculate your payment today.

Will the turbo be oil or water cooled?

Both, the turbo on the Speed UTV is oil and water cooled.

What kind of a fuel pickup?

The Speed UTV will utilize a hydramat style fuel pickup.

Will the fans be variable speed?

The 3 radiator fan will turn on in stages depending on the temperature.

Keep in mind, the 3 fans on radiator are going to suck air in and make some noise, but latest style fans along with quietest motors in the industry are going to be used. 

Is the push to talk going to be mounted on the steering wheel?

No. The Push to Talk is only going to be mounted on the dash, it’s easier than steering wheel because it gets twisted in the steering wheel. You’ll only use your push to talk button to talk over the race radio.

To speak over the intercom, there is no button, just start talking and your passengers will be able to hear you.

Can you adjust brake bias?

No, the brake bias cannot be adjusted.

Can the radio and GPS be dropped down for a Lowrance GPS?

The radio and intercom is built into the plate that takes the center stack. Speed UTV will look into making it as an accessory so you can mount it on above. Speed UTV will also make an A pillar mount for your GPS.

Are Speed UTV’s built in North Carolina?

No, a factory in Texas is going to assemble the car. There are a lot of outside manufacturing partners used to build the cars. It’s a full on car, so it takes a lot more effort than one shop in North Carolina to make all the required parts for it.

Wil you have mounting plates for specific PCI or Rugged race radios?

Yes, Speed UTV will have mounting plates available, all the cars will be prewired for a race radio. 

Will windshields be available at delivery?

Yes. Windshield and windshield wipers will be available at initial delivery.

The Speed UTV will use curved windshield, made with safety glass, the windshield structure will be formed to the A pillar and roof to provide a seal.

How can I secure my Speed UTV? Any Anti-theft devices available from factory?

This is something that Speed UTV needs to look at a little more. On top of the key that you start your Speed UTV with, potentially, there will be a shut off battery switch that will have a lockable box.

Robby mentioned they will look at the security options more over the coming weeks.

Will there be an option for a roof rack?

Yes, there will be a bolt on option for a roof rack.

How many color options are there for the LE model?

There are 52 color options you can pick from. Overall there are over 3,000 possible color variations of the Speed UTV.

Can I get hide the Speed logo from the graphics?

Yes, that will be an additional option that you can upgrade to.

Does the Speed UTV have graphics on the roof?

No, but you’ll be able to add that on as an option when you build your car in the Speed UTV configurator.

Things You Should Know

  • The configurator for your Speed UTV will be up tomorrow morning (6/25/2020). You’ll be able to customize the colors, pick your upgrades and accessories, and see how your Speed UTV will look like in 3D and various environments with all the accessories installed. Sign up for your account at SpeedUTV.com

Speed UTV Discounted Price

  • Pricing has increased on the 4 seat El Jefe Model, you can still pre-order the LE El Jefe for $35,000, price will go up to $37,000 once it’s at the dealers. RG Edition is available for pre-order for $37,000, MSRP is $39,999
  • Pre-order pricing on the 2 seat Baja Bandit and El Diablo LE models is available until July 15th at $30,000 for the LE model, or $32,500 for the RG edition model.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any question, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


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