AZOP Blythe Grand Prix Day One

2020 AZOP Blythe Grand Prix Day One Michael Mack 821 Pro Turbo

“So I guess you can say, the car has wings. Day 1 of Blythe 2020, round 2 of @azopracing didn’t go as planned. I got the hole shot easily and led from there. My co-driver wanted to exit the car from motion sickness, so I got passed by one car and passed them so after. Half way through the lap, I had broken a belt and pretty much ruined my day, but I got a new one on and kept pushing. Passed many cars the final two laps, but luck just wasn’t with me today. Hoping for a better day of racing tomorrow!!”

AZOP Blythe Grand Prix Day Two

“Most definitely a battle today to say the least…got the whole shot with my @shawndhq power and reliability, @methodracewheels @bfgoodrichtires kept it on the ground. A little snip from today is #11 pro turbo had passed me from me not pushing the car and staying consistent, so him and I are on a straight coming into a single corner…let’s just day @shawndhq tune didn’t let done and gave me that edge. Past that point, I had never looked back. @bajabenny and @lonestarracing1 suspension were on POINT!! @tomwilson7737 had used our amazing @ruggedraceradios today and it made a world of difference. Truly, a long time to come to this point and I couldn’t be happier. Time to prep even better and make a few design changes.

Thank you to my family and sponsors: @albaracing @sealsavers @axcelsports @rcvperformance @bludlubricants #sealsavers #sealsaversracing #bludlubricants #bludlubricantsracing #azopracing #azop #worcsracing #worcs #bestinthedesert #bestinthedesertracing #methodracewheels #bfgoodrich #bfgoodrichracing #albaracing #teamalbaracing #dieselheadquarters #canam #canamx3 #axcelsports

Photos and story courtesy of Michael Mack.


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