Another week another live stream from the Speed UTV factory. This week Robby Gordon covered the body details quite extensively and answered a number of social media questions, so if you’ve got questions, get a hold of Speed UTV on their Facebook and Instagram, and ask away!

2021 speed UTV 4 seater front and back

We did find out that they’re still optimizing the overall look and feel of the car, but the final look and feel will be finalized by the end of April. Here’s where we’re at currently.

2021 speed UTV from the side

All three variations of the Speed UTV will be basically the same, the only part of the car that will change will be after the front seats and right before the gas tank. That’s where they’ll take out or add length between the 95″, 110″ and 120″ wheelbase models.

The overall lengths for all three cars are as follows:

  • 95″ 2021 Speed UTV 2 Seater will have a total length of 136″
  • 110″ 2021 Speed UTV 2 Seater will have a total length of 151″
  • 120″ 2021 Speed UTV 4 Seater will have a total length of 161″
2021 speed UTV wheelbase options

Some more tweaks are expected over the coming weeks, especially to the tail gate, Robby mentioned “it’s not quite there yet”. Below is an artist’s rendering of the look and feel they’re going for with the tail gate.

2021 speed UTV from the back

With 48 inches in width, and 35 inches in length, we’re also looking at the biggest bed in the industry. You’ll be able to fit a spare tire in the back, along with a cooler, and maintain a low center of gravity. Robby teased that the UTT, or the enclosed Speed UTV that’s bound to be released next summer will have a 50″ bed with the tail gate down, so you’ll be able to carry a plywood turning this ultimate weekend warrior into a work horse on the ranch.

2021 Speed UTV Cooling

2021 speed UTV bed dimensions

It’s not a mirage, you’re seeing that right. The 2021 Speed UTV will have 3 fans, and the radiator will be 30% bigger than what they’ve used in the Wildcat XX, so keeping the massive engine cool will not be a problem.

Robby mentioned that in the closed cab model, the radiator will be moved up front, while on the open cab model the radiator will sit in the back of the car and the fans will point up, forcing all that hot air to exit out the number plates.

2021 Speed UTV Interior

We got a sneak peak of the interior, the most interesting part besides the 10″ dash screen is the square steering wheel. Already a standard option of the high end race cars, Robby mentioned that this is the direction they want to go in so that you’ll be able to get that much visibility of the all the ever important technical data on the screen.

2021 speed UTV square steering wheel

Behind that square steering wheel you’ll be able to mirror your smart phone, so all those maps, race tracking apps will be front and center. With the amount of technical data, I think it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to customized what information you see.

2021 speed UTV steering wheel and 10 inch dash screen

2021 Speed UTV Engine

2021 speed UTV 17

Robby confirmed the intake will face the front of the car, along with the alternator keeping both as far away from the dirt and mud as possible, while the exhaust and turbo will all face the back of the car. The engine is a dry sump design, don’t worry about having to dislocate the right side of your body to remove the oil filter, it will be easily accessible.

2021 speed UTV motor specs

Robby also showed us the tuned exhaust ports which will face straight out the back of the engine, which improves the power band, optimizes the flow and gets rid of hot spots. It was also mentioned that the car would have a MagnaFlow catalytic converter and a Bosch ECU.

Although running 91 octane is suggested to get the maximum performance of the motor, it may not always be accessible especially when racing south of the border, that’s also being addressed with sensors that detect lower octane fuel and knock down timing to prevent knock.

2021 Speed UTV Shocks

2021 speed UTV shock details

Although we heard quite a bit of news about the suspension in the 2021 Speed UTV, we can always happy to find out more.

  • The reservoir on the shock is finned, and can spin 360 degrees around, meaning one shock can fit on all 4 corners.
  • Dual rate springs, you’ll be able to change the top and the bottom rate.
  • 3.25″ Internal Bypass
  • 12″ Stroke
  • Externally adjustable rebound and compression

Parts for the shocks will be available as soon as the 2021 Speed UTV is on market. The most interesting aspect of the shock design is that it doesn’t use a shim stack like a lot of cars out there use today, it’s a design Robby has been using for the last 25 years and he swears by it.

Speed UTV Bulk Head

2021 speed UTV bulkhead

The bulkhead in the 2021 Speed UTV is a similar design that Robby uses in his trophy truck. Everything on the front end will tie into it. The steering, front diff, anti roll bar, pivot points. It’s much stronger than a steel chassis, it’s easy to replace and keeps all the geometry true in case you have to replace it, it’s an easy swap.

2021 Speed UTV Wheel Options

2021 speed UTV wheel options on car

Robby also showed us the wheel options that will be available for the Speed UTV, keep in mind, only the first 500 cars come with beadlock wheels, however if that’s something you really want, you’ll be able to purchase those from Speed UTV.

Here are other interesting tidbits that Robby mentioned about the 2021 Speed UTV:

  • The front diff on the 2021 Speed UTV will be lockable straight from the factory.
  • The steering pump will be all electric.
  • Albans has been heavily involved in the design of the transmission.
  • The trailing arms on the back will have tie down points to make it easier for you to transport the car.
  • Expect the closed cab model to cost about $6,000 – $8,000 more.

Robby teased that next week at 7PM EST we will find out more about the drivetrain on the car.

Stay up to date, make sure you check out our Speed UTV page with all the details we’ve got.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:

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