Let’s talk Speed UTV Warranty Options

Right from factory each Speed UTV comes with a 6 month bumper to bumper warranty. Basically anything that goes wrong, it’s covered.

Let’s make some things clear..

  • If you launch your car and crack the back half off, you’re out of luck.
  • If you drain your oil, forget to refill it and take the car out for a rip, Speed UTV isn’t throwing another engine your way.

It comes down to, if you could have prevented it or maintained it, it won’t be covered by the warranty. Also – if you end up using your Speed Key, your factory warranty is voided. However, if you buy the extended warranty you’re covered!

When it comes to the extended warranty, you’ve got two options:

  • 12 Months – $1,500
  • 18 Months – $2,500

Keep in mind you can only buy and finance the Speed extended warranty at the time you purchase your Speed UTV. If you decide 3 months down the line that you want the extended warranty you’re out of luck.

Robby Gordon also announced that Speed UTV will be out in full force ready to fix your Speed UTV at the bigger UTV events listed below:

  • Glamis: Thanksgiving and New Year’s
  • Moab: Rally on the Rock
  • Dune Fest Oregon
  • King Of the Hammers
  • Idaho UTV Invasion

If something breaks on your Speed UTV and you’re out of your warranty period, they will fix it for free, you’ll still have to buy the part, but they won’t be charging you labor costs to fix it. Now if you need maintnence done, such as changing the oil or replacing the air filter, they won’t be doing any of that during the events listed above, take it to your dealer before you come out riding.

What about if I decide to race my Speed UTV, does the warranty cover that?

No – If you race your Speed UTV, the warranty is voided, but Speed UTV will be at all the BITD and SCORE races to provide you with full pit support. Robby also mentioned some giant cash prizes will be awarded to teams that win UTV classes.

Speed UTV Dealer Network

Robby Gordon introduced his business partner Todd Romano to talk about the dealer options on tonights live stream. By end of the 2020, the goal is to have dealer networks in cities where the most Speed UTV have been sold. The purpose of this is setting up a reliable infrastructure for service, maintenance and parts availability.

The vast majority of the dealers will be located in the west coast, but there will be dealers all over the US as well as internationally. The goal is to have 75 dealers signed by end of 2020, and many more in 2021.

speed UTV locations of dealers

On the map above, in orange you can see dealers that have already signed, in blue are potential dealers, and in purple are dealers that are about to sign.

Speed UTV Transmission and Transfer-case Shifter

You’ll be able to shift your Speed UTV gears on the fly. The transmission shifter is identical to the one Robby Gordon uses in his trophy truck, The Unicorn.

The transmission shifter is located within hands reach from the steering wheel. You won’t have to take yours eyes off the road when you want to shift into cruise while driving.

speed UTV tranmission and transfer case shifter
Speed UTV Transmission and Transfer Case Shifter.

The shifter always comes back to the neutral position in the middle, you will never have to push it all the forward or pull it all the way back, you’ll be able to slap gears easily.

Now when it comes to shifting in and out of four wheel drive, you’ll have to move the shifter all the way to the back to put it into two wheel drive, in the middle (like pictured above) you’re in the four wheel drive unlocked, and when you press the shifter all the way forward you’re in four wheel drive locked front and diff.

Keep in mind the rear diff is always locked even in two wheel drive.

Speed UTV Bed Sizes

speed UTV 4 seater el jefe with tailgate open

The bed sizes on the Speed UTV are by far the biggest in the industry. On the El Jefe or the 4 seat Speed UTV and the Baja Bandit 2 seater, pictured below, the bed will be 48″ wide, 36″ long and 9.25″ tall. When you open your tailgate, the bed length extends up to 46″.

speed UTV el jefe 4 seater bed size

On the 2 seat UTT or Speed UTV El Diablo model, the be will be 48″ wide, a massive 50″ long, 9.25″ tall and will extend all the way up to 61″ inches long with the tail gate down. That should be big enough to fit your friend’s dirt bike when they’re tired of getting beat up on the trail.

speed UTV utt el diablo bed

Removable Front Clip

Based on the Stadium Super Truck modular design, the front clip of the Speed UTV will be removable. If you need to add accessories to it or replace it if it’s damaged, it should be a pretty straightforward process.

Speed UTV Center Console

The center console on the Speed UTV will run all the way from the front, to the back of the car.

speed UTV layout of the center console and cup holders

Integrated in the center console right after the shifters, will be two cup holders up front, immediately followed by two vents that will blow fresh air to the back, followed by a plate where you can add switches or additional power plugs in the back, lastly followed by two cup holders for the passengers in the back seats.

Speed UTV Official Toyhauler

Speed UTV announced that Heartland Recreational Vehicles will be offering a line of Speed UTV toy-haulers through their Road Warrior brand. These toy haulers are no joke, they come with a 15 foot garage and a highly luxurious interior.

speed UTV annouced a toy hauler rw3965

We’re waiting to find out the exact price, but one thing that Todd Romano assured us of is that they will come with a glass door fridge, and a case of Speed Energy sitting front and center.

Not sure if the Speed UTV will fit in your existing Toy Hauler? Get the tape measure, along with Speed UTV Dimensions and go measure your trailer.

Questions & Answers

How does the Speed Key work?

Speed UTV has a flex fuel monitor on board. When the Speed Key is used, it unlocks a second mapping for the computer. As you put different fuel in the tank, and it notices enough of E85 in the tank it will increase the tune on it’s own. You won’t have to drain the tank of all non E85 fuel.

After I unlocked my car with the Speed Key, can I still run a lower boost tune?

Yes, if you unlock the car with a Speed Key, you will still be able to put the Non-Speed Key back in and go back to the 230HP tune.

How is the belt that drives the alternator and power steering pump on the Speed UTV going to be protected from the elements?

The belt is towards the front of the car, so it should automatically be out of the elements. It’s also a serpentine belt, so it won’t be as prone to having things stuck in it like a V belt would.

Is there any way you could put on a hand brake on?

No, the way the four wheel drive system is set up, there will not be an option to include a hand brake on the Speed UTV.

If I prepay for accessories, does that count towards the down-payment of the loan?

Yes, let’s say you have a $30,000 car and you buy $10,000 worth of accessories to be outfitted on your Speed UTV, and you pre-pay for those accessories, that will count towards the down payment of the loan.

Will the accesories be preinstalled?

Yes, they’ll be installed. So you won’t have to pay for labor, or have to do that on your own.

Is there a way you could install a grab handle on the Speed UTV to make it easier to get in?

The way the Speed UTV chassis is built, you will not need a grab handle. The doors up front open super wide, check out how the Speed UTV doors open, once the doors are wide open you can easily grab on to the pillar to get in, it’s basically in the same location the grab handle would be.

speed UTV el jefe how the doors open

At the same time you can also reach up and grab the center roof tube to help you get in, there will be about 3″ of room between the top roll bar and the roof, providing plenty of room for you to grab it when getting in.

Keep in mind, when you’re out riding, you always want to keep your hands inside, Speed UTV will be providing hand restrains to help your keep your hands inside the car.

Can the vents be closed?

Yes, the vents can be closed off.

Will the vents by the back seats be tied into the heaters?

Yes, if you upgrade heater kit the back seats will have vents that will blow hot air.

Will the toolbox ice chest have a drain plug?

Yes it will have a drain plug, you’ll be able to pull the drain plug without removing it from the car. It’s really easy to remove from the car too. It will have a thick cooler insulation.

If I got a Speed UTV LE model can I pay the replacement cost to upgrade to the suede seats?

Yes it will be an upgradable option. Keep in mind, years down the road, you’ll also be able to buy replacement parts for the suede seats.

Does the bed come off easily?

It is going to take a few tools to take off because it bolts on the to the back fenders. It’ll be probably 8 bolts to remove the bed. Speed UTV is going to make it as easy as possible so you can take it off from the top side.

Things You Should Know

  • Speed Key has a January 1st, 2021 retail price of $2,500 and comes with a 1-year warranty (Or when pre order period closes).
  • Speed Key can be purchased after the vehicle leaves the showroom floor, for $1,500 but no extended warranty can be offered.
  • You don’t have to reach out to Freedom Road to apply for financing, your dealer or whoever you ordered your Speed UTV from will handle the financing paperwork.

Stay up to date on our Speed UTV News Page, make sure you check out our Speed UTV article with all the details we’ve got. If you’ve got any questions, get a hold of Speed UTV on Facebook and Instagram to have your questions answered.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:


  1. On July 22, 2020, during Episode 18, Todd Romano said he posted the latest dimensions to the Speed UTVs.
    However, he did not list where the information was posted. Does anyone know where I can locate all the dimensions to the 4 seater El Hefe to determine if it will fit in my 2008 Weekend Warrior CL40 Fifth wheel trailer.
    Thank you,

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