If you’re not tuning in to the Speed UTV livestream every Wednesday afternoon you’re missing out! This week Robby Gordon covered the body details quite extensively, went over the dash options, seat choices, covered the Speed UTV Tires & Wheels, as well answered a number of social media questions, so if you’ve got questions, get a hold of Speed UTV on their Facebook and Instagram, and ask away!

This week we got to see the updated version of the body, and it’s definitely looking more and more refined each week. We did see an updated version of the front end, as well as more refine lines of the body. We also found out that the bottom of the the grill will have an accent LED fog light. We’re still waiting to see how it’ll fully look, but should be a nice touch nonetheless.

The final design of the car is going to be finalized by next week.

2021 Speed UTV Dash

Being a technology nerd, the dash is definitely one of the most exciting parts for me. The Speed UTV does not disappoint. You’re going to have multiple display modes, phone mirroring is an option, so you’ll be able to use your favorite GPS app to follow the trail.

The cherry on top of the cake? Your co-driver can also get a remote dash. No more trying to glance over to the side to check the temperatures, your co-driver will be able to see exactly what you’re seeing with a dash right in front of them.

2021 Speed UTV Seats Options

The 2021 Speed UTV will have 5 seats options, you get to pick from 3 when you order the UTV. The seat options are as follows:

  • Tall & Wide
  • Standard
  • Standard Full Containment
  • Small Containment
  • Stand Height & Wide
2021 speed UTV seat options
2021 speed UTV bulkhead front axle suspension mounting

The seat measurement are yet to be published, but as soon as they’re available we’ll share them with you. Robby also mentioned in the live stream that you will have an option pick from different materials.

The seats will also have air cushions to further control the comfort.

2021 speed UTV seat air cushions

2021 Speed UTV Motor Specs

The motor details on the Speed UTV remained about the same, we covered all of them in the Speed UTV Engine Details Article but a few small details were reiterated.

The exhaust ports are ported and polished from factory.

Typically this is something you hear being done by your performance car friends who spend unhealthy amounts of time in the garage, refining the most minor aspects of their engine to run 10 degrees cooler, or just a few more pounds of boost.

Well.. you’re getting the fancy stuff right from factory on the Speed UTV, ported and polished exhaust ports. You get to brag about it too (even though you don’t really know what it means – don’t worry we won’t tell anyone).

The engine is actually detuned to run 230 horsepower.

You heard that right. It’s so overbuilt they’re cutting back on tuning to get two hundred and thirty horsepower in a 2,000 pound car.

This thing is going to be scary fun when you run E85 and 300 horsepower using the Speed Key.

12MM Spark Plugs

These are the largest spark plug being used in the UTV market. The team at Speed UTV went with the largest spark plugs to help with the cylinder pressure.

2 Injectors Per Cylinder

The reason why you’re getting 2 injectors per cylinder is to be able to provide all the fuel the engine will need at 30PSI of boost when using the Speed Key.

Patented Bulkhead

The Speed UTV is looking mean with the redesigned front end. We dropped a lot of the details about the 2021 Speed UTV Front Axle/Bulkhead here. Robby reminded us again, that the suspension on the front, will mount directly to the bulkhead. It’s something totally unique and not being done by anyone else in the UTV industry.

2021 speed UTV bulkhead front axle suspension mounting 1


You’re getting 3 forward gears in the transmission. This is something totally new in the UTV industry. Having that overdrive or Cruise gear as Robby called it is going to take a lot of strain off the drivetrain and save some fuel on those long straightaways where you can keep the RPMs down.

2021 speed UTV transmission details

Will the Speed UTV fit in my trailer or toy hauler?

On the trailer, yes. In the Toyhauler that’s a solid maybe. We’ve got some detailed measurements below.

  • 2021 Speed UTV 4 Seater is 77″ wide by 161″ long.
  • 2021 Speed UTT is 77″ wide by 151″ long.
  • 2021 Speed UTV 2 Seater is 77″ wide by 136″ long.

Print the pictures out below, take out the tape measure grab your credit card just in case you’re ready to place that pre-order and go measure your toy hauler.

2021 speed UTV 4 seater dimensions and trailer fit
2021 speed UTV wheelbase options

Speed UTV Tires & Wheels

Last but not least we also found out that more than likely Speed UTV is going to with the 14 Spoke Concave and RG Concave design of the wheels.

2021 speed UTV wheels and tires

These are flat face wheels, they’re optmized to provide the best CV angle, and king pin optimization.

2021 speed UTV tire

Speed UTV is also partnering with an experienced tire manufacturer and building their own Speed UTV Tire. The tire will come with 3 profiles treads:

  • Low Tread
  • Tall Tread
  • Mud Tread

All 3 tires will have a unique S pattern, and will be 32.5″ Tall, 10″ wide and will fit the 15″ Speed UTV wheel.

No Spare Tire Mounts in the Speed UTV

You’ll be able to fit the spare tire in your bed, in fact you’ll be able to fit up to a 35″ tire in your bed with enough room for a cooler and some chairs.

The Speed UTV 2 Seater and 4 Seater bed is the biggest in the UTV industry measuring 48″ wide by 35″ long. While the Speed UTT bed is massive, you’ll almost be able to fit a Truck Camper in the Speed UTT bed, well.. maybe not, but that bed is huge coming in at 48″ wide and 51″ long.

2021 speed UTV 2 and 4 seater bed size

What about the lug pattern on the 2021 Speed UTV?

We’ve got some good news for you there. Speed UTV is going with the industry standard wheel pattern 4 on 1.56. Polaris uses the same pattern, so you’ll be able to find plenty of wheel options.

Here are other interesting tidbits that Robby mentioned about the 2021 Speed UTV:

  • Robby mentioned that his decision to go with hydraulic steering instead of electric was because hydraulic is a lot more dependable and predictable. If you hit a rock while driving a car with hydraulic power steering there will be a pressure release valve, so you won’t break your finders. Electric power steering has too much torque, and most u-joints in the steering shafts are too small for the amount of torque the electric power steering motor is capable of putting out.
  • Black charcoal will be the base color of the car.

Robby teased that next week at 7PM EST we will find out more about the speed bolts used on the suspension, you’ll only need 2 of the same size wrenches to work on the suspension of the Speed UTV.

Stay up to date, make sure you check out our Speed UTV page with all the details we’ve got.

You can still catch a recording of the livestream below:

Photos courtesy of Speed UTV. Get the full presentation here.


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